Hover vehicles are vehicles that float slightly above the ground. The capability of hovering above the ground eliminates the need for tires and allows them to travel across water. This trait is defined by a specific Locomotor value used by hover VehicleTypes.

When hover vehicles are disabled, they will land on ground or sink into the water. In 3.3.4, all hovercraft transports are made immune to EMP.

Hover vehicles have reduced movement speeds compared to wheeled and tracked vehicles. For example, the defined speed value of Kappa Tank is 8, however in-game, its actual movement speed is about 5, the speed value of Rhino Tank.

Actual Speed values vs approximate vehicle speeds:

  • Kappa Tank: Speed=8 (hover), speed ≈ 5 (vehicle)
  • Robot Tank: Speed=8 (hover), speed ≈ 5 (vehicle)
  • Voyager: Speed=7 (hover), speed ≈ 4 (vehicle)
  • Zubr: Speed=7 (hover), speed ≈ 4 (vehicle)
  • Repair Drone: Speed=9 (hover), speed ≈ 5.5 (vehicle)
  • Magnetron: Speed=5 (hover), speed ≈ 3 (vehicle)
  • Mandjet: Speed=8 (hover), speed ≈ 5 (vehicle)
  • Jackal Racer: Speed=12 (hover), speed ≈ 7.5 (vehicle)
  • Tarchia Cannon: Speed=4 (hover), speed ≈ 2.5 (vehicle)
  • Warturtle: Speed=6 (hover), speed ≈ 3.5 (vehicle)

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