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Game modes in Mental Omega APYR 3.3 are available in both skirmishes and multiplayer games. Currently, there are 12 game modes are available to play with 12 subfactions (e.g. United States, Russia, PsiCorps, Haihead, etc.). The mod allows over 400 maps in skirmish and online to be played.

Standard: The most commonly played game in Mental Omega. It is similar to regular skirmish in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge. Formerly known as Battle and Teams in 3.0 and older.

Free for All: Alliances between players cannot be formed before and during a match. Existed in older versions, then removed briefly before finally restored as of version 3.3.4.

No Defenses: Disables all defenses of all factions and neutral for both the player and the AI.

Older game modes (v3.0 and older)

Meteor Shower: This mode allows players to build structures and train units faster while your AI using "magical cheating powers" against you. This mode was only available in 3.0 and older (it was known as Meteor Swarm in version 2.0 and older); in 3.3 it was replaced with the Mental AI Boost game option which can be combined with other game modes.

  • Meteor Shower in 3.0 (which is now the Mental AI Boost option) was named Overdrive.

Lost Colony: This mode is set on a battlefield outside Earth's atmosphere, where factions use modified arsenals, including Soviet Cosmonauts, Allied Rocketeers, Epsilon Acolytes and space-based weaponry. Refineries and ore miners are unbuildable and there's no ore to mine: players have to capture Tech Supply Docks (which work like Tech Oil Derricks or Tech Deposit Banks) to earn money. This mode was only available in 2.0; while currently a small amount of skirmish maps (such as Iron Skies and Zero Pressure) use the Moon theatre.

Turtle Camp: Stationary defense costs are reduced and their armor is doubled. This mode was available in 2.0 only.

Bountycore: Similar to the present day Bounty Hunt, but without the Tech Supply Bunkers and abundant crates. Credits are received by killing enemy units/buildings. Oil Derricks is also available, but less money is acquired than in Megawealth. This mode was available in 2.0 only.

Own Tempo: This mode disables players to build defenses in their bases, unfortunately they must use their units to defend it. This mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Blinded: This mode causes Construction Yards to cause every friendly unit and building around it to become invisible. Basic infantry and vehicles are armed with sensors to compensate for this. This mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Foresight: This mode disables shroud as soon as the MCV is deployed. Also, this causes Construction Yards to be equipped with the psychic detection from the Psychic Sensor from vanilla RA2; in other words, it is nearly impossible to hide anything to players, aside from cloaked and submerged units. This mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Armor Fist: This mode is the vehicle equivalent of the Infantry Only game mode in the latest Mental Omega version; only vehicles are allowed to be built. This mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Meat Grinder: This mode restricts advanced units and buildings, limiting players to only Tier 1 units. The official websites mention that this fulfills the "Tutorial" aspect of the mod, as it tests a player's skill without tricky weaponry against them. This mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Ultimate Out: Support superweapons (e.g. Chronosphere) is always available, whether or not Superweapons is disabled. This mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Tech Contract/Tech Power: All country-specific units are available for each side. In the case of 2.0, all country-specific bonuses are available for each side.This mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Armaggeddon: This mode allows access to all superweapons in the game for a player to build after a Tier 3 access building is constructed, no matter which faction is chosen. This mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Crate War/Unknown War: Known as Crate War in 2.0 and as Unknown War in 1.2, crates spawn rate increased drastically, and their contents can vary. However, Nuclear Missile crate is unavailable. Needless to say, this mode was available in 1.2 and 2.0.

Calm Mind: All mind-controllers are unavailable to build or train. This mode was available in 1.2 only.

Atomic Flash: No matter the faction chosen, the Nuclear Reactor is available after deploying a Construction Yard. In addition, a Nuclear Missile is available in nearly every crate, which can either be used normally or explode on the spot. This mode was available in 1.2 only.

Elite Force: Nearly all units will use their elite weapons for the entirety of the match. This mode was available in 1.2 only.

Harvested: Storage, armor and speed is increased for all ore miners. This mode was available in 1.2 only.

Artificiality: All robotic units will be available to each faction. This mode was available in 1.2 only.

Unspecialised: Country-specific bonuses are disabled, but country-specific units are still available. This mode was available in 1.2 only.

Tech Owned: Every building is available after after deploying the MCV into a Construction Yard, meaning that any prerequisites are gone. This mode was available in 1.2 only.

Limit Break: Build limits are disabled for applicable units and buildings (e.g. more than 1 Centurion can be built). This mode was available in 1.2 only.

Bugs, glitches and fixes

  • A known glitch was found after the crates are collected from the Supply Bunker in Bounty Hunt, where sometimes one of the bunkers have no crates appearing again. This was an engine bug.
  • In 3.3.0, owner's player flags may be located on random bases that isn't theirs. Some of the players didn't know there is a bug, a problem that players will start a game at random locations. This bug is fixed on the next version (3.3.1).
  • When Oil Control and Bounty Hunt was introduced in version 3.3.0, Epsilon players don't have access to train Viruses or build Dybbuk-Evolvers due to the disabling of Cloning Vats in these modes because the structure is considered an ecobooster. This problem is fixed and 2 of the units may able to require at least one Chimera Core to be built in 3.3.3.


  • The standard mode resembles Battle and Teams modes, there will be also another option that there will be Ally Change Ingame setting in all modes.
  • During development for 3.3, there were placeholder names for some game modes[1]:


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