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The Dybbuk is a series of aircraft developed by the Epsilon known for their unorthodox design and weaponry, which makes them different than other factions' conventional aircraft.

There are six known Dybbuk variants; three of which can be produced at the Aerodome ‒ two (Attacker and Evolver) were commonly sighted on the war and one (Seizer) that is a rare sight in the battlefield, and three of which (Interceptor, Striker and Transport) are only available through special circumstances (the Interceptor is carried by PsiCorps' Gehenna Platforms, the Striker is called in by the Scorpion Cell through Toxic Strike and the Transport only appears when PsiCorps have deployed Libra Clones).

Dybbuk (דיבוק‎) is a type of malicious spirit in the Jewish mythology that are believed to be the dislocated soul of the dead and clings to one's body until it has accomplished its goal, sometimes after being helped with, at which the dybbuk supposedly leaves the host.

The Interceptor is similar in appearance to the Nod Banshee in Tiberian Sun.

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