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Cargo Planes are aircraft utilized by all factions to deploy reinforcements via parachute quickly and efficiently.


Cargo Planes are uncontrollable units that fly over the battlefield and deliver units to the designated location by the commander (or scripted sequences in the campaign). Although they are fast enough to evade pursuit, they are unable to withstand anti-aircraft fire for long, which could prove costly for the commander if the plane is shot down and takes its cargo with it.

Outside of scripted paradrops in the campaign and challenges, the Cargo Plane is used to deliver reinforcements via the following support powers:

Support Power Units
USAicon.png Airborne GI x7, Guardian GI x3
USAicon.png Bloodhounds Humvee x3, Stryker IFV x2
Russiaicon.png Tank Drop Tank Killer x2, Hydra Cannon x2
SCicon.png Hijackers Hijackers x3
Bast.png Sweeper Drop Sweeper x2
Neutralicon.png Paradrop Allicon.png GI x6, Guardian GI x2
Sovicon.png Conscript x8, Flak Trooper x4
Yuricon.png Initiate x6, Archer x2
Foeicon.png Knightframe x3, Lancer x1
Neutralicon.png Reinforcement USAicon.png Robot Tank x2, Bulldog Tank x1, Stryker IFV x1
EAicon.png Robot Tank x2, Cavalier Tank x1, Archon AMC x1
PFicon.png Robot Tank x2, Kappa Tank x1, Tsurugi x1
Russiaicon.png Terror Drone x2, Rhino Tank x1, Tigr APC x1
Confederationicon.png Terror Drone x2, Jaguar Tank x1, Halftrack x1
Chinaicon.png Terror Drone x2, Qilin Tank x1, Halftrack x1
Psic.png Stinger x2, Lasher Tank x1, Gatling Tank x1
Hdqt.png Stinger x2, Opus Tank x1, Gatling Tank x1
SCicon.png Stinger x2, Mantis Tank x1, Gatling Tank x1
Haih.png Teratorn x1, Cyclops Walker x1, Jackal Racer x1
Coro.png Teratorn x1, Draco Tank x1, Jackal Racer x1
Bast.png Teratorn x1, Bison Tank x1, Jackal Racer x1