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The Camouflaged Pillbox, known in-game as Camo Pillbox, is a European Alliance defense which are basically a Pillbox that is cloaked when not firing.

Official description

The Camo Pillbox is a box of pills hidden under a mirage blanket. It will only reveal itself to its enemies to fire, but will not be engaged by them unless the attack comes in retaliation, or the enemy commander spots the Camo Pillbox and gives the manual order to attack himself. Compared to normal Pillboxes, it is slightly more effective against infantry and light vehicles than anything else.[1]


For its user, although the Camo Pillbox is $100 more expensive and has higher build requirements than the Pillbox, it deals higher damage to enemy infantry and light vehicles, can basically replace the Pillbox; for the user's enemies, they should keep an eye out for any places where enemy Euro Alliance might build defenses, and manually order units to destroy those discovered Camo Pillboxes.

AI behavior

Depending on the difficulty, the AI will only build a certain amount of Camo Pillboxes. Easy AI will build a maximum of 2 Camo Pillboxes, Medium will build a maximum of 3, while Hard AI will build a maximum of 4.


Act One

  • A Camo Pillbox appears in Idle Gossip as an easter egg. Notably, this Camo Pillbox has been present in version 3.3.5, before being added as a standard defense for the Euro Alliance in the next version.
  • Canonically, Camo Pillbox debuts in Zero Signal where the player's outpost has limited numbers of them.
  • The Camo Pillbox becomes buildable in Panic Cycle.

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