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The Russians still have access to mind control tech. One of their Palaces, an access point for their Weapons Protocol is within PsiCorps' reach, but the Chinese aim to destroy it.
—Mission description

Operation: Brain Reset is the fourth Epsilon cooperative mission.


The Chinese onslaught threatens to overrun the Russian camps at the border. They have support of the Pacific Front troops. It is a force to be reckoned with. Our agents inside are using the Palace to hack into the Weapons Protocol. They're also blocking any new orders from the High Command regarding Yuri. Use our best troops to hold the line until the agents destroy all data on our tech.

Objective 1: Defend the Palace until the hack is complete.


The Sino-Pacific Front forces had already assembled in the south and were ready to push north. This caused the Russians to stir into a panic. Even the oil barrels in the base hadn't been transferred out on time and were being targeted by the enemy to quickly demolish their positions. Twelve PsiCorps Troopers were standing by on the west side of the road and were preparing to disrupt the internal position of the Sino-PF forces.

They tried to make some progress at the southern gateway, but to no avail: the air defense forces of the Russians could not intercept the Cargo Planes that were heading deep into the core area. As a result, the enemy paratroopers overtook the base and managed to cut off connection between North and South; The Sino-PF forces also used the tactics of having Foxtrots and Zephyrs, aided with a Zephyrobot, fire their warheads at the oil barrels, easily eliminating almost all defenses except for the northern perimeter. When PsiCorps' data clearance time was about 27 minutes left, their two team of Engineers also came to serve as maintenance crews for the Palace. The two proselytes decided to change their tactics: to abandon the base and only keep the Palace intact. It did not matter to help their Russian "allies" for much longer as the reputation of Yuri to their leaders in High Command had been lost long ago.

As a result, the PsiCorps Troopers became the only decisive forces that could guard the Palace. They took control of some Eradicators and a Battle Tortoise. They also controlled several Sentinels to intercept the Pacific Front's Rocketeers.

More and more enemy forces flock here, even Kirov Airships and Dragonflies. However, thanks to these PsiCorps Troopers, their agent had managed to complete his removal work after more than ten minutes. After the weapons protocol was purged, the two proselyte's troops quietly fled the scene.


When the Soviet General had a battle with general Xiu Rong Wu, he suddenly received emergency information: Someone invaded the database, deleted all PsiCorps-related materials, and he himself naturally lost the rights to use Psychic Sensor, Cloning Vats and Giant Squid. Yuri's removal of these materials left behind in the database shows that since he has no chance of regaining trust, he and the Russian officials have parted ways and gone alone.

However, plans do not always go smoothly as anticipated. The Latin Confederation were able to preserve four Cloning Vats in Zaragoza, Spain and PsiCorps was not aware of this theft until two years later. This would eventually come with grave consequences for the Russians' allies, as Yuri would exploit this for his own purposes by using this particular location for the birthing grounds of a new breed of mutant soldier and one of their deadliest commandos...

Difficulty changes


  • Countdown before agent finishes sabotage: 30:00
  • Large amounts of crates will appear on the map.


  • Countdown before agent finishes sabotage: 36:00
  • A few of crates will appear on the map.


  • Countdown before agent finishes sabotage: 45:00
  • No crates appear at all.

Easter egg


Destroy the Citadel Ruins building can get an armor and a veteran crate.