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—A Bomb Buggy driver right before a loud bang is heard

The Bomb Buggy is a suicide unit used by the Latin Confederation in place of Demolition Trucks, which is much faster but more fragile.

Official description

The Latin Confederation, preferring speed over durability, have replaced the Demolition Trucks in their arsenal with the lighter and much faster Bomb Buggies. Though retaining almost the same destructive powers as their slower brethren, they are much more fragile, making it imperative for them to avoid enemy fire of any kind in order to be effective.[1]


The Bomb Buggy is a special suicide unit which can be used to take out key enemy structures. It is particularly effective against large, fragile structures such as War Factories and Airbases.

The Bomb Buggy addresses the speed problem that causes many Demolition Trucks to fail in their attack runs by making them faster, thus allowing them to reach their target more quickly, and to some extent, to be used against light-armored vehicles. However it is not suitable against tanks and infantry.

Bomb Buggies are less armored than Demolition Trucks. Therefore despite their increased speed, defenses, especially anti-armor ones, will make short work of them before they can get too close to do any damage. Sabotaging enemy bases' power will improve chances of success, but otherwise they will have to find an opening in enemy bases to deliver their payload effectively.

For this reason, Bomb Buggies are best deployed as an element of surprise, using its fast speed as an advantage.

As with Demolition Trucks, be careful not to keep Bomb Buggies too close to friendly troops or structures (especially other Bomb Buggies or Demolition Trucks, although they have resistance to this explosion).

AI behavior

Bomb Buggies controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 1x targeting production structures
    • The AI may use Invulnerability on this task force
    • If available, Shadow Ring will also be applied


Act One

  • The Bomb Buggy first appears as a controllable unit in Happy Birthday. The first one is used to soften the American forces near the starting position, and more can be built from the War Factory.
  • In Idle Gossip, with the assistance of Latin Confederation, the Russian forces uses Bomb Buggy instead of Demolition Truck.

Act Two

  • In Earthrise onwards, the Bomb Buggy replaces the Demolition Truck in the player's main arsenal.


  • In Attack on Buggy, destroying all Bomb Buggies is the mission objective. The enemy will send most of them to escape the battlefield, while leaving some in their base.


  • Very effective against enemy buildings.
  • Much faster than Demolition Trucks.
  • Good against groups of lightly armored vehicles, especially slow-moving ones.
  • Deadly when paired up with Iron Curtain, Shadow Ring, or Chronosphere.
  • Using Elite Reserves can let the player to produce elite bomb buggies for a period of time.
  • Less armored than Demolition Trucks.
  • Ineffective against infantry.
  • Enemy commanders can destroy them from a safe distance.
  • Vulnerable to mind control and air units.
  • Chrono weapons can harmlessly remove them, causing no explosion.
  • Dangerous to keep inside one's own base.

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