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Let us send them... a message.
—A Boidmachine ready to fire on enemies where they are least expecting it

The Boidmachine is the epic unit of the Last Bastion. It is a slow but extremely powerful artillery unit with the longest range in the war, capable of firing at targets and deploy M.A.D. Mines across the battlefield.

Official description

The infamous bow of light, the Boidmachine has already engraved its name onto the world, thanks to its particle collider artillery with an incredible range, obliterating many of the Last Bastion's enemies' tank divisions and infantry squads, without ever letting them see the cannon itself.

The Boidmachine is a heavy mobile artillery platform, which can only fire once it's been deployed and the projectile fully prepared for launch. The warhead of the Boidmachine works on a similar principle to the Harbinger's - devastating to ground units and infantry, and comparatively efficient against buildings and even the aircraft in-flight. If the vehicle undeploys in order to move, in case of emergency or just for a normal relocation to gets its targets in range, the weapon stops charging and will only restart the process once the Boidmachine deploys and repositions its cannon vertically once again.

The Boidmachine is also capable of using its cannon to launch devastating M.A.D. Mines right at the enemy. Once the mine hits the ground, it will only take a short moment for it to arm, and then it can destroy any unsuspecting enemy that comes within its detonation radius.[1]


The Boidmachine provides the following support powers:

Support power Description
Type: Offensive Power
Cost: Free
Recharge Time: 5:30

Launches a particle collider artillery strike at the target location.
Strong vs. Infantry, Armor

Left-click the icon then left-click on target location within the Boidmachine's range
Type: Defensive Power
Cost: $500
Recharge Time: 3:00

Deploys an invisible M.A.D. Mine on the target location.
Strong vs. Armor

Left-click icon then left-click on target location within the Boidmachine's range

In its default undeployed state, the only thing that the Boidmachine can do is moving and possibly crushing enemy infantry. Once deployed, it cannot move and will begin charging its cannon, which, once ready, must be manually ordered to fire by the player through the support powers.

Foehn commanders should consider the location of this expensive artillery piece carefully before ordering it to deploy - preferably on the highest elevation to ensure perfect accuracy. This will eliminate the hassle of having to move the expensive artillery piece, thus saving valuable time from recharging the weapon all over again.

Because the Boidmachine has no defenses of its own, it should never be deployed unprotected. Unless the Foehn commander's base is at a lower elevation in contrast with the rest of the battlefield, the preferable location for deployment should be within the safety of their base.

AI behavior

  • AI's Boid Blitz always targets the player's largest group of units. Exploiting this is especially important in Ouroboros Challenge.
  • Due to engine limitations, rather than building the Boidmachine and deploy it, the AI simply constructs a deployed one on the ground.




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