• Hamsterrides

    How urgent is 2.0 content needed, given the times between 3.3.X updates? Are wiki contributors generally concerned about previous versions' content? We have the old MO database on archive, so page creation would be pretty easy.

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    2018-10-17: updating page according to changelog modifications

    Comparison of the RulesMO files reveals lots of changes which are not mentioned in the changelog. Here are some changes which impacts gameplay the most:

    Only listing changes not on the changelog Ordered by importance inside each section

    • TeamRetaliate=no => yes
      • When a strike team member is attacked. The entire team will retaliate instead of only the member itself.
    • Units on the hunt will now retaliate.
    • AIAutoDeployFrameDelay=15,25,100 => 1,1,1
      • A.I. GIs and GGIs deploys faster when guarding an area.
    • TotalAITeamCap=50,75,100 => 100,75,50 (brutal, medium, easy)
      • Increased A.I. team cap. This is more likely a fix which makes harder A.I.s more challenging.
    • AISafeDistance=15 => 28
    • AIFriendlyDistance…

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  • Isol-IIID

    Many times I have discovered that many players are controversial about the locations of Cooperative missions due to lack of loading screens (cannot accurately locate), so I will explain the origin of the controversial locations here.

    4. Enforcers: Mission descriptions and mission texts only point out that the location is in North Africa, there is no clear positioning.

    5. Technologic: Mission descriptions and mission texts do not give any information about the location at all. The location is in Poland is derived by the Polish flag next to Tech Missile Silo in the lower right corner of the map. (I once made a mistake. There are also Soviet Russian flags next to the Polish flag, so that I mistakenly believe that the location is on the border b…

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    Using CNCMaps Renderer version 2.3.1: Github, JPG encoding quality 80.

    The XML will not be disclosed because it contains some of the you-know-whats.

    After some nerdy debugs, I found out the reason of the crash. Some files in expandmo96.mix are OBSOLETE with incorrect sizes and palettes. Listing the external MIX in reverse order (i.e. 99 - 96) fixes the crash.

    I patched the Renderer to bypass one exception which crashes the program. The patch is trivial in nature, however under GPL v3, any modification of the source code should be make public:

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    First of all, I'd like to thank AlexB whose advices and insights greatly assisted this research.

    Garrisoning has always been a significant mechanism in Red Alert 2. Although easy to comprehend, the precise numeric value is much harder to calculate than anticipated. Few documentation can be found on this topic, moreover these hardly ever fit to test results. This blog will go deep and deduce the precise formula.

    In this blog we're talking about infantry garrisoning only. Tank Bunker's ROF is trivial.

    During gameplay, one might notice that each unit in a building takes its turn to fire, regardless of their respective ROFs. For example, even though a GI fires almost three times faster than a Knightframe, garrisoning them inside the same building …

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  • Nikitazero

    About fan-made missions

    September 28, 2018 by Nikitazero

    Recently I've noticed about the popularity of fan-made missions for Mental Omega APYR. Though these missions are non-canon to the MO lore, they are quite interesting to play due to its own mechanics, and even some of them became the basis of certain official missions (such as Nightcrawler).

    In regards on whether they should be included in the MO Wiki, I'll have to run a vote to decide it, which can be seen below. I've also edited the WarBox template and adding a new FanMade template in advance.

    UPDATE: All admins and content moderators have decided against adding fan-made missions to MO APYR Wiki, so it's decided that it's a no. However, I did agree with Ollerus' suggestion to add the fan mission which official missions are based on, so I'll a…

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  • OllerusMO

    Hello there. This time I'd like to announce the fandom project in Chinese MO community. Yes, there's finally a MO Chinese Wikia after one year's construction.

    The Chinese wikia is bascially a translation of the MO APYR Wiki, well, at least some of it cuz it doesn't have well-organized pages yet. The Chinese wikia has most of the units pages and all of the missions/challenges pages done, while we're still continuing the contruction. The site was announced to public after the release of 3.3.4.

    Everyone is welcome for visiting the site and contributing to it. Long live Mental Omega APYR!

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  • Nikitazero

    Patch 3.3.4. is here!

    September 24, 2018 by Nikitazero

    The 3.3.4 "summer patch" is finally released as Summer 2018 is about to end.

    As before, you can download it automatically through the Mental Omega client, or if somehow you can't, the manual patch can be downloaded here.

    As with the 3.3.3 patch, the 3.3.4 patch was released just as a developer playthrough video of The Great Beyond is released, where the Revolt's story continues as more about them is revealed:

    As before, the patch's changelog can be seen here.

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    Using CNCMaps Renderer version 2.3.1: Github, JPG encoding quality 80.

    The XML will not be disclosed because it contains some of the you-know-whats.

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  • J23k4z

    Build Time investigation

    September 14, 2018 by J23k4z


    Investigation 1: Validation of Game Speed cheat sheet from this blog post.

    Iron Curtain takes 6 in-game minutes (360 in-game seconds) to recharge. Timers in game speed 2 are the closest to real time but still run a bit faster. According to the table, it will take 360 / 1.042 = 345.489 seconds in real life to recharge at Game Speed (GS) 2.

    Measuring the time taken for iron curtain to recharge at GS2 using stopwatch (human error +-0.2s), T =  5 minutes 45 seconds (345 seconds) in real time, and therefore the measured result appears to be in agreement with the table.

    Investigation 2: General build time multiplier

    In MO, infantry has a build time multiplier of 0.65 and buildings have a build time multiplier of 1.25, dictated by


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  • Ferb123

    One step at a time. -Reaper Don't know why GI, Rocketeer and Chrono Legionnaire icons get more space.

    |groupA1 = Infantry

    |contentA1 =

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  • Bot Rot

    The wiki would benefit greatly if there are pages that explain game mechanics that aren't fully explained in official sources. More important since such game mechanics aren't exactly the same in vanilla RA2/YR. Would be a fine addition for both new and veteran players.

    Possible pages:

    • Veterancy
    • Detectors
    • Firepower/Speed/Armor Modifiers
    • Status Effects (e.g. Frozen, Suppressed)
    • Build time modifiers
    • Garrisoning
    • Power
    • Credits (as in money)
    • Shroud
    • Armor Types (e.g. Big Defensive Structure, Medium)
    • High Ground
    • Crates
    • Artificial Intelligence (behavior)
    • Barrels (Would be nice for an April Fools page though)

    Those community members who have innate knowledge on the insides of the mod (more than just playing it), especially exact values, are recommended for this.

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  • Isol-IIID

    Mini Icons of Act 1

    July 14, 2018 by Isol-IIID

    Three picture are used in version 3.0 as loading screens. In version 3.3, they are no longer used as each mission has its own loading screen now.

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  • Isol-IIID

    Since finding that there was a very early loading screen of Nobody Home (presumably published in 2015) that pasted on the page of this mission, I had a plan to upload all the loading screens. All the loading screens are placed here, just like Ollerus' mission panorama.

    Note Obstinate, Noise Severe and Blood Rage had their own loading screens prior to 3.3.4, as the Covert Ops loading screens have been simplified (except Archetype).

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  • CyborgGOAT

    I've been digging 3.0 for it's secrets and i have found this odd looking vehicle.

    Likely a Unused Unit for china but what purpose does it do or what it's name?

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  • YayofHearts

    Can we have arsenal pages for each factions, just like in the rotr wiki? I would really appreciate it if there is a convenient way to see what each faction have.

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  • OllerusMO

    Mission panorama, as its name suggested, is the preview of the full map, made by a Map Renderer programme. I've noticed that wikia only has seldom of these images. While I've already made an album for them in the Baidu Tieba community, I decide to make the same album in wikia. Of course, these images may contain spoiler contents of these missions. As a result, I post them to my blog for now, and you can see if they need to be put in the pages. All the mission previews here come from their newest version in 3.3.3. This album will also be updated when there're new missions released and old missions updated.

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  • Isol-IIID

    Recently I've noticed that some people are a bit confused about the color's usage, so I'll make a summary about it here to let all of us basically clear the situation.

    All colors are listed below:

    Faction Major Color Minor Color Color 3 Color 4 Color 5 Color 6 Color 7 Color 8
    Allied Nations Blue Cyan Neon Blue Dark Blue Light Blue N/A N/A N/A
    Soviet Union Red Orange Tan Maroon Brown Crimson N/A N/A
    Epsilon Army Purple Magenta Lime Dark Purple Light Purple Pink Orchid N/A
    Foehn Revolt Teal Jade Mint N/A N/A N/A N/A N/A
    Other colors Yellow Khaki Gold Black(Black) Green Dark Green N/A N/A

    Major Color is the represnt color of each faction and also the 1st color in co-op missions (except Allied, it uses NeonBlue instead) while Minor Color is the 2nd one.

    The first three colors re…

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    The term "Ivan Bomb Logic" gains its name from Crazy Ivan's unique attack pattern in Red Alert 2. When a weapon uses this logic, it attaches some sort of bomb to its target which detonates and deals damage after a preset fuse time.

    In vanilla Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, this logic is hard-coded to only apply to Crazy Ivan's bomb (with a special tag IvanBomb=yes). Ares Platform further developed this mechanism, allowing several Ivan Bomb Logic weapons to co-exist with different fuse time, bomb damage and warhead.

    The following units possess weapons with Ivan Bomb Logic (based on version 3.3.3):

    Unit & weapon Damage Fuse (frames) Max Damage per Frame Notes
    Crazy Ivan bomb 400 440 0.91
    • Destroys bridges
    • Defusable by Engineers
    • ROF = 50 (this is n…

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    This is a topic debated since long ago. Many believe that the subfactions of MO3.3 cannot fit to a perfect S-A-I model. However in my opinion, they can, and they fit quite well.

    Strength: Subfactions boasting significant HP advantages over its comrades. These factions utilize slow but heavily-armored and heavily-armed forces, and usually lack a real siege tank due to game balance.

    • China
    • European Alliance
    • Epsilon Headquarters
    • Last Bastion

    Agility: Subfactions with well-rounded multipurpose units. Such subfactions trade armor for mobility while maintaining high firepower. These are token A-move subfactions and more than often related to the word "imbalanced".

    • Russia
    • United States
    • PsiCorps
    • Wings of Coronia

    Intellect: Subfactions which favor softening th…

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    In modding, "Superweapon" not only stands for the ability provided by each faction's $3000 ($2500) and $5000 buildings, but also includes everything that is not fired from units and appears as an sidebar icon - the support powers.

    In vanilla Red Alert 2. Superweapons only appear in the forms of Nuclear Missile, Invulnerability, Weather Storm, Chronoshift, American Airborne and Tech Airfield Paradrop. Yuri's Revenge introduces more weapons such as Spy Plane and Force Shield. However the A.I. behavior of these are hard-coded.

    Thanks to the Ares Platform, more A.I. behavior options are introduced in the form of SW.AITargeting. Combined with AIRequiresTarget and AIRequiresHouse to help A.I. determine a proper target (for example EM Pulse against veh…

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  • J23k4z

    Information consistency

    April 8, 2018 by J23k4z

    Here is a list of in-game data that contradicts with the information from the official MO website. I hope this list will help to track and sort out the inconsistencies.

    Last updated: 17 Oct 2018


    • Tanya uses her laser rifle on ships, not C4 (website description)
    • Tanya strength is 200 not 180 (changed in 3.3.3)
    • Norio strength is 270 instead of 265 (changed in 3.3.2)
    • Riot Troopers are actually not immune to dogs
    • Stallion strength is 330 not 320
    • Cryocopter range is 10.5 instead of 10 (3.3.2)
    • Humvee's passenger survival rate is not listed
    • Destroyer strength is 600 not 575
    • Coordnode power changed to -50 from -40 (3.3.3)
    • Navy SEAL strength is changed to 150 from 140 (3.3.3)
    • Warhawk's armor is actually medium not light (f_medium)
    • Navy SEAL range changed to …
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    Blog based on game version 3.3.3.

    The Infantry Only mode is a game mode specially designed for pure infantry combat. Since its introduction, its rules file has received numerous patches in order to maintain game balance. Actually, the Infantry Only mode has attained reasonable balance suitable for multiplayer games. It offers a chess-like playstyle much different from either standard Mental Omega skirmish or original Red Alert 2.

    I personally find this game mode so well designed that it deserves some detailed record on the wiki. However putting everything in the Game Modes page seems out of place compared to other game modes' brief introductions. Please find below a summary of all rules exclusive to this game mode.

    • Player gains access to all…

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  • Nikitazero

    Now that I've finally become the wiki's bureaucrat, I just want to announce that I have promoted Bot Rot and Arya Snow into the wiki's new admins and content moderators.

    With that settled, the wiki's administration is now clear. I hope that with this, our wiki will be better in the future.

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  • Nikitazero

    Recently I was aware that the wiki's reputation being not that good, especially on MO's Discord community (thanks to Bot Rot who had told me such) who considered the wiki to be "untrustworthy". Therefore, in order to make the wiki looked better in the MO community, I've decided to initate a major overhaul and reform program over the wiki to fulfill our goal as a credible and trustworthy information source for Mental Omega APYR (since there's no word at all about the official wiki, but that disclaimer on the main page will remain until there are any update on the official wiki's status).

    As some of you might know, I've announced an upcoming election for new admins for the wiki. The election, however, had to be cancelled since I've already pinp…

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    Campaign timeline of the Third World War based on canon resources of Mental Omega version 3.3.3.

    Some missions cannot be merged with the rest and are therefore kept in separated lines. The vertical position of the missions doesn't necessarily stand for chronological order.

    • According to the campaign order, the President should already have been killed in Happy Birthday. However this is not mentioned in the Allied briefings until much later in Hammer to Fall.
    • In Bad Apple there're two unused lines which say: The President wants us to proceed with caution, therefore you can only have 15 of the same soldiers at a time. This hints that Bad Apple might take place before Happy Birthday. So long as the quote is removed from the game, it can't be deeme…

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  • Nikitazero

    Patch 3.3.3 is out!

    March 9, 2018 by Nikitazero

    Mental Omega Patch 3.3.3 is released after quite a long delay.

    As before, you can download it automatically through the Mental Omega client, or if somehow you can't, the manual patch can be downloaded here.

    The patch was released just as a developer playthrough video of Nobody Home is released, which finally give a glimpse on how the Foehn Revolt came to be:

    As before, the patch's changelog can be seen here.

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    After having been defeated on the fortress maps for several times, I took some time to look into the range bonus mechanics of Mental Omega. The system itself is identical to Yuri's Revenge, but MO introduces many more new weapons to look into.

    Some ingame weapon receives a range bonus when fired from a position higher than its target. A weapon benefits from such bonus only if:

    • Its projectile has SubjectToElevation=yes and is not an airburst projectile.
    • The weapon has Lobber=no, the payload is not fired in a hyperbolic trajectory.
    • Neither the weapon carrier nor the target is an aircraft.
    • The weapon does not have Warhead=Special, it is not a rocket/drone launcher.

    If all these cases are met, the weapon will receive a range bonus when firing onto l…

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    Name Affiliation Remarks
    Tesla Russia In RA universe, Nikola Tesla works for the Soviets
    Nuclear power & Irradiation Russia -> China Discovered by RU then emphasized by CN
    Iron Curtain Russia Since Red Alert 1.
    Flak ??? FlaK (Flugabwehrgeschütz) is a German word invented in WWII. It shouldn't even have appeared in the RA universe since Einstein erased Hitler from time
    Smoke warfare Latin Confederation

    Flame weapon Russia Since Red Alert 1, despite the fact that CN possesses Armadillo, heavier version of Borillo
    Incendiary weaponry Latin Confederation To be distinguished from flame weapons, incendiary weapons leave flames on the ground
    EMP China Tesla Tank and Volkov's EMPs are only side effects and not exploited on purpose
    Cybernetics Ru…

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    Name Affiliation Remarks
    Prism European Alliance

    Mercury Railgun United States This might include other satellite utilities such as Satellite Scan
    Weather Control European Alliance The Weather Storm Device Project is initiated by EA and finished by PF
    Robotics Pacific Front The Robot Tank's laser weapon comes from US arsenal, while its hull is made in PF
    Thermal Inversion Pacific Front

    Chrono European Alliance

    Laser (red) United States

    Flashbang United States

    Cryo Pacific Front

    Name Affiliation Remarks
    Rocketeer Pacific Front Type-42K HMG corresponds to typical Japanese nomination style which stands for either 42 Showa Era (1967) or imperial year 2642 (1982), while the latter fits well to the timeline. And Norio.
    Gap Generator European…

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  • Nikitazero

    Upcoming new admin election

    September 14, 2017 by Nikitazero

    Because I am now handling two wikis for two different CnC mods at the same time, this Mental Omega APYR Wiki and the Rise of the Reds Wiki, I am considering to elect a new admin for the wiki to handle everything in my absence.

    However, as I didn't have the bureaucrat rights yet for this wiki, I have requested to be granted bureaucrat rights for the Mental Omega APYR Wiki so that I can promote a user to a new admin. Until then I have to wait.

    For now, to all active editors in the Mental Omega APYR Wiki, just keep editing and remember to follow the wiki's policies and guidelines so that I might pick any of you as fitting and promising candidates for the admin position.


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  • CyborgGOAT

    just asking if this wikia will add information from 2.0 as old content or not? 

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    Mental Omaga uses the original RA2/TS armor type system. However based on the original system, Mental Omega introduces lots of special armor cases in order to enable various unit abilities, such as hazard immunity, clear garrison, Quetzal Shield and Haihead sibling's rapid healing.

    There are a total of 11 basic armor types in Red Alert 2 and Mental Omega. Among which 3 types are designated for infantry, 3 for vehicles, aircraft and warships, 3 for structures, and 2 special types.

    Armor Type  Description Notable Users
    None Infantry without protection Dogs and Spooks, Engineers
    Flak Soldiers with basic armor GIs, Flak Troopers, Rocketeers, Huntresses, Tanya, Norio, Morales, Yunru, Libra, Malver
    Plate Heavily armored troopers designated to…

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    20180311: This bug has been fixed in version 3.3.3, the following note is now obsolete.

    20171103: Corrected Foehn EMP to its official name Blackout. The title is impossible to edit though.

    Foehn's Blackout can cause a bug which disables production permanently even after the Blackout effect is over.

    This note is based on Mental Omega version 3.3.2.

    The bug can be produced by Blackout effect from any sources including Haihead Blackout Missile support power, Raccoons's beam and Ramwagons' deploy weapon.

    The lock down happens at the moment when the Blackout effect on a production structure wear off:

    • If its owner is low on power at this moment, the structure will be "locked" (disabled permanently). A disabled structure can neither be assigned ready poi…

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    Malver's appearance in mission Obsidian Sands has long been a myth. Some on the forum reports spotting Malver appeared out of nowhere and slew Libra and Rahn with ease. Some even claims that he's invulnerable. By studying the map files, this blog presents you the ultimate response to this question.

    For better comprehension, basic knowledge on Red Alert 2 INI format and map system is needed. This wiki helps: [1]

    The blog is completely based on officially released files and does not contain any leaked or encrypted data. Releasing leaked/decrypted/modified files is forbidden by MentalMeisters.

    Spoilers Alert:

    Too late :D Malver appears on this map, but only the best (or luckiest) players can see him.

    Obsidian Sands is a mission released in 3.3.2. Its …

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  • Nikitazero

    After a long wait, Mental Omega Patch 3.3.2 is finally released!

    You can download it automatically through the Mental Omega client, or if somehow you can't, the manual patch can be downloaded here.

    The patch was released just as a developer playthrough video of Obsidian Sands is released:

    The patch's changelog can be seen here.

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  • Nikitazero

    A developer playthrough video on the upcoming Soviet mission, Power Hunger, was released.

    What do you think about the mission?

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  • Nikitazero

    On the wiki

    July 10, 2017 by Nikitazero

    To all editors of MO Wiki, first I want to apologize for my relatively long absence since I was pre-occupied with other activities, although I remain watchful to the wiki nonetheless.

    Because recently a certain person is adding leaked information about unreleased missions (see Paranoia's edit history), I've decided to disable unlogged edits on the MO Wiki, which means that only registered and logged users who can edit here, while unlogged users can only see the wiki but not edit them in any way. I also want to remind that no matter whether they are valid or not, NEVER add any leaked information on MO until they can be confirmed by official releases; violators will be punished harshly.

    I've also enabled the chat feature just in case anyone wa…

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  • Eric.gleek


    Due to the recent changes in Stone Cold Crazy's wiki page , I added a new section to point out any errors found in some missions, the Errata section. Please watch of videos containing Mental Omega campaign playthoughs to point out errors and record in a one mission's wiki page at a time.

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    Game Speed 0 1 2 3 4 (normal) 5 6
    Frame per (real) second 10 12.5 15.625 20.833 31.25 62.5 ∞
    in-game/real speed ratio 0.667 0.833 1.042 1.389 2.083 4.167 ∞

    1 ingame second = 15 frames


    A Nuke takes 10 in-game minutes (600 in-game seconds) to recharge. That is equal to 15 * 600 = 9000 Frames.

    Which means it will take 9000 / 31.25 = 288 seconds (4.8 minutes) in real life to recharge a nuke at game speed 4, or 720 seconds (12 minutes) at game speed 1.

    PACERRECAP (talk) 22:12, July 27, 2017 (UTC)

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  • JeagerEX12

    Anyways we had already a campaign missions like the Soviet Mission in YR "To The Moon" and it's remake which is called "Earthrise" that will be available in the future updates, not in version 3.3.2.

    Since there is no Allies in every space missions but only Soviets and Yuri's Army which can both train Cosmonauts as an alternative infantry.

    However, for my opinion , the Space Warfare mode could be a bad idea to me because it could ruin the entire mod. And also this mode will reminds me of those in StarCraft.

    Perhaps that could not make any sense because it's very hard to develope for this.

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  • JeagerEX12

    I'm just want to tell you guys that those epic units like the Centurion Siege Crawler, Irkalla, and MADMAN are considered as a non-infantry hero units? I'm just confused because they can be built only one in Skirmish mode but in the campaign aren't.

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  • JeagerEX12

    When you go to Yuri's page, you will see this unit next to Yuri in the right. I don't know if this hero unit could be either one of Yuri's second-in-command or a commander of the Epsilon Headquarters?

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  • Eric.gleek

    Also, the Challenge redlinks are found on the article (currently 9 in total) are important to make articles such as Freedom or Purgatory.

    Any redlinks found on any articles must be necessarily observed before you make an article from the redlink, one by one. (appoximately 60 redlinks in all articles in total)

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  • 0FreeIcecream

    Just going to use this as a quick tip for anyone wanting to add videos. If you've tried to add one, I'm sure you've seen what they look like, so I'm just going to teach you guys how to add videos to galleries so that they look alright.

    So first, load in a video you want to where you want it (Say, a walkthrough section).  After that jump straight to code view (you can find it through the thick lines next to cancel and you should be greeted to something like this, but with [[]] on each side:

    File:This is a video|thumb|right|335 px

    Flip off Everything before and after the videos name so we get just the name

    This is a video

    And add the following tags (Without ' marks).  Do this before and after so it looks like this in code

    And you should get some…

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  • Konodere

    Screenshot Album

    February 25, 2017 by Konodere

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  • 0FreeIcecream

    About maps

    February 12, 2017 by 0FreeIcecream

    So, no efforts have been made into this category, so I want to know how we plan on tackling this.  Right now, we have a maps redlink, a redlink to Tiki Torture and no idea how we plan on organizing this beyond this step.  I have my own idea of how to do this, but I want to see if anyone else wants to pip up or give their own pitch on how to do this.

    So, what I propose for maps is that we create the maps page as a kind of hub for the different map types (by gamemode) and a light description of what they are.  Each one links to a verbose description of the gamemode, and a list of maps available for the group.  The maps themselves have pages with their preview, a quick summary of the map, and an expanded section detailing features and mini-str…

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  • 0FreeIcecream

    Redlink to Act One

    February 10, 2017 by 0FreeIcecream

    Currently, a lot of missions link to Act One, which does not exist as a page and with the WW3 and Mental Omega War existing, it doesn't feel like it's really needed.

    What I propose is that we do one of the following:

    1) Link pages to Campaign#Act_One and Campaign#Act_Two.  This gives users direct access to the other missions at the push of a button, and makes the most logical sense to connect to.

    2) Link the pages to the Third World War and Mental Omega War pages.  This is a less desirable approch, especially since we don't have a concrete timeline set down, but they are Acts One and Two respectively.

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  • Shelbythetriangularsquare

    Help me clear the "see also" from all useless stuff it should only be the same tank type from the same faction.

    Also help me add quotes from units that use the same voice sets of other units from other games, just stating the fact that they use the same voice set isn't enough.

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  • Nikitazero

    Because the current admin appears to be no longer active, I have filed a request to become this wiki's new admin.

    I have been around in the Wikia community for quite a long time, so I have understand much of the matters behind it. If I was made the new admin, I will do the best I can to make the Mental Omega APYR Wiki a best source of information for the mod.

    Please voice your opinions about this here, as feedbacks are needed for anyone who wants to be active and help in attending the wiki.

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