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Support Power Flares

Since 3.3.6, some support powers emit flares on the ground indicating its targeting position. Better understanding of its logic allows one to quickly identify what is coming and how to defend against it.

Flares comes in a total of 5 colors corresponding to the 5 factions (ASEF+civilian). Flares are used mostly by support powers related to air-delivery, but with a few exceptions.

The flare's color depends on the support power, NOT on the caster's faction (e.g. if an Allied player casts Spy Plane from a captured Radar Dish, the flare will be red instead of blue).

  • Superweapon: offensive superweapon (Nuke etc.) targeting logic
    • war factories > tech providers = plugins > power providers > construction yards > airfields > defenses
  • Paradrop: targets cl…

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Cipher From Speeder's MOTY Video

Several days ago Speeder published a promotion video for the moddb MOTY voting event. One may notice the appearance of mysterious cipher strings throughout the video. Out of curiosity and in the hope of finding hints about Act 3, I tried for some time to crack the cipher. Here's what I found.

Note: 'O'(15th letter upper case) and '0'(zero numeral) are indistinguishable, and are all noted as '0' below.






00:29 U2FSDGVKX1…

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Bot Rot Bot Rot 12 December 2021

Vote for Mental Omega as Mod of the Year 2021!

Mental Omega has reached the second round of voting in the Mod of the Year 2021 Awards in Mod DB, and is now part of the top 100 mods! Vote for Mental Omega once again to show your support!


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The 3.3.6 Changelog

Downloaded the patch. Cracked the mix. Diffed the file. Got 90000 lines (3.3.5: 100000).

Expect a delay not unlike the 3.3.5 one :P

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AugustKun968 AugustKun968 7 August 2021

MO Armor Encyclopedia

In Mental Omega and Yuri's Revenge, their are 11 kinds of General Armors are as follows.

The general damage correction ratios of warhead to armor are arranged in the above order. For example, the damage correction ratios of Rhino Tank's warhead in general are as follows:

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AugustKun968 AugustKun968 9 July 2021

MO 3.3.5 Unit Registration Code\Unit ID\Unit Code Encyclopedia

Congratulations on discovering the treasure! I have already published this blog in the Chinese community. So In order to avoid the burden of server caused by repetition, please move to the Chinese page of this blog.I have written in both Chinese and English on the Chinese page.

Chinese page: 心灵终结 单位注册码\单位ID\单位代码大全

Short Link for sharing:

See also: MO Armor Encyclopedia

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AugustKun968 AugustKun968 29 June 2021

About the problem of uploading avatar failed and setting Avatar

Some comrade user of our website may be failed to upload the profile picture avatar. You can change the zise of your image into 400*400 then you will be able to upload it very soooooon.

While I check about the original code of the website after several times faild to upload the image, I found that the size of default image is 400*400. After that, I changed the size of the image into 400*400, then I successfully uploaded the image very quickly.

Maybe the image size smaller then 400*400 also can be upload successfully. I hope the website maintainer can debug it. Thank you very much.

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Bot Rot Bot Rot 31 May 2021

List of Red Alert 3 references in Mental Omega

The following is a comprehensive list of all Red Alert 3 references and similarities in Mental Omega.

  • Kanegawa Industries - Shares the same name as a company affiliated with the Empire of the Rising Sun faction. However, the Kanegawa Industries in Mental Omega plays a larger role in the overall story.
  • Operation: The Conqueror - The High Command Heart Building in the mission has the same appearance as the Kremlin's Heart structure found in the eighth Imperial mission Crumble Kremlin Crumble. Destroying this structure will release a Wolfhound, a reference to the same aforementioned mission, where a Twinblade helicopter will fly out of the ruins. In Mental Omega however, it is purely an easter egg.
  • Operation: Obstinate - Its map layout and geographic l…

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The 3.3.5 Changelog

EDIT 20211004:

1. 3.3.6 could be released at any moment, making this blog next to useless. But I'm still releasing it nonetheless in the hope that some wiki pages could receive a final update before the new version.

2. The list only contains some of the most impactful changes NOT LISTED in the changelog.

3. A exhausive diff is too large to track and upload (100,000+ lines). Here is a list of notable diffs I've summarized.

4. Please comment if you find an error.

  • 1 Gameplay
  • 2 Units and weapons
    • 2.1 All
    • 2.2 Allies
    • 2.3 Soviets
    • 2.4 Epsilon
    • 2.5 Foehn
  • 3 Notable AI changes
  • 4 Changelog inconsistencies
  • 5 Bugs and inconsistencies

  • Wheeled vehicles now move uphill/downhill at standard speed, 0.8/1.2 => 1.0/1.0
  • All units now have uniform 100% speed over all passable terrain types …

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Isol-IIID Isol-IIID 24 May 2020

Inconsistencies of official website descriptions

Due to unknown causes, some unit/structure descriptions in the official website usually won't update after some of their parameter or function changes are done. Here will list all description inconsistencies.

When some inconsistencies corrected, this blog will update.

  • 1 Tanya
  • 2 Allied Tech Center
  • 3 Chronosphere
  • 4 Demolition Truck
  • 5 Bomb Buggy
  • 6 Foxtrot
  • 7 Virus
  • 8 Aerial Fortress Irkalla
  • 9 Gharial

In fact, Tanya uses laser rifle against ships. It's Navy SEAL who uses C4 against them. See original link

  • Black Widow requires not only Tech Center but also Air Force Command Headquarters to use.

  • Sonar Pulse only requires Allied Naval Shipyard to use since version 3.3, neither support power page nor tech tree describe this correctly.

See original link

The official descrip…

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Tech Levels

Based on version 3.3.5

I'm writing this as a blog to prevent potential version consistency issues. Feel free to append a copy to the Gameplay section if you see fit.

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 Unit and structure list
  • 3 Remarks
  • 4 AI Behaviour
    • 4.1 Bug

A unit or structure's tech level is defined by TechLevel= in the INI.

Originally, the Techlevel system is meant to serve as tech tree. A unit can only be trained if the player's TechLevel is equal or greater than the unit's. While structures increases the player's TechLevel upon being built.

This was later scrapped in favor of the prequisite system, which allows for more complicated tech tree logics. In terms of tech tree implementation, the prequisite system in RA2 and MO is designed to be strictly more restrictive t…

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Loxionse Loxionse 20 January 2020

Weapon Types


All bullet type projectiles.

Light Class - The gun who shoots multiple projectiles in one attack.

Basic Class - The gun who shoots single projectile in one attack.

  1. Light Class
    1. Machine Guns
      1. Machine Pistol
      2. DSR-80 MG
      3. PPSh 41
      4. Heavy Trooper's HMG (unnamed)
      5. Type-42K HMG
      6. HK5 UMP
      7. KPV 14.5mm MG
      8. M2 Browning HMG
        • Ranger
        • Humvee
      9. 12.7mm DShK MG
        • Halftrack
        • Tigr APC
        • Vulture
      10. "Cerberus" MG
      11. "Vulcan" MG
      12. "Vesuvius" HMG
      13. 12.7mm Minigun
      14. Modified AKM
      15. M60 MG
      16. Arnie Frankenfurter's Minigun (unnamed)
      17. Cyborg Vanguard's Chaingun (unnamed)
      18. Tengu's MG (unnamed)
      19. 30mm Cannon (HMG)
      20. HMG (Altered Adaptation System)
      21. MG (Adaptation System) 
        • Stryker IFV
        • Archon AMC
        • Tsurugi Powersuit
    1. Gatling Guns
      1. Gatling Tank's GG (unnamed)
      2. Gatling Cannon's GG (unnamed)
    2. Very Heavy Machine Guns
      1. Knightframe's VHMG (unnamed)
      2. Buzzard'…
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Fortranm Fortranm 31 December 2019

Inheritance tree of Skirmish modes

All 3.3.4 Skirmish modes categorized into inheritance trees based on their rule sets. Just for fun.

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Fortranm Fortranm 12 July 2019

Possible alternative approaches for documenting pre-3.0 contents

About a year ago, I learned that Speeder personally wanted pre-3.0 contents "hidden" and "buried". In the past few months, Speeder has expressed his discontent towards the fact that this wiki was documenting pre-3.0 contents by (jokingly, I thought) asking "how do I officially denounce the wiki on Wikia :/". Yesterday, we had this conversation:

Hi please nuke MO1.2/2.0 stuff from MO wiki thanks So that you can make it official after that's done? :P That depends, can you export/import it? export/import? All that content, can it be moved outside of a wikia-owned wi ki

By this point, we need to make a decision. Do we continue documenting pre-3.0 contents here, or do we make a separate wiki for that?

In my honest opinion, the way pre-3.0 cont…

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Fortranm Fortranm 15 May 2019

Finalizing rules regarding adding contents from old versions

Now that all entries on the old Epsilon templates have a page, it is a good time to add the rules regarding adding old contents on the Content policy page.

Up to now, BotRot and I generally followed these rules, in the order of decreasing priority (the rules higher up on the list always taken precedence over the ones lower on the list):

1. Official names

2. Internal register names

3. Sprites/appearances (for structures only)

4. Functionality (within the same series only, unless it's for support powers or superweapons)


1. Different iterations of Apocalypse Tanks are listed together regardless of their internal IDs.

2. Sea Sled is listed under Piranha Minisub/Old because they share the same internal IDs.

3. Obviously, the same structure spr…

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Fortranm Fortranm 1 May 2019

List of units with different official names but the same internal name on different versions

This is a list of all paired units that share the same internal name by not the official name. For the sake of consistency, even the ones that are obviously direct successors are listed, unless they are MCVs or amphibious transports.

The most counterintuitive ones are probably [PTROOP], [APOC], and [MAMM], and the latter two have been dealt with.

As noted, the succession order of Palace and Atomhart currently on the site isn't actually following either official name or internal name, but I think it is fine to determine succession order of structures via physical appearance since the sprites of structures generally don't change as much across different versions.

[ENFO]:Enforcer(1.2) - Siege Cadre(3.0)
[CCOMAND]:Chrono Commando(1.2) - Cry…

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Fortranm Fortranm 27 April 2019

Clarification for how I assigned faction allegiance to stolen/hidden techs from v1.2/2.x

As some of you might have noticed, I edited the 4 unit templates for v2.x and moved certain units around in the past few days. I think it's better to clarify my thought process and hopefully reach an agreement with everyone else interested in documenting 1.2/2.0 contents.

Here is the flowchart on how I assigned the faction allegiance to hidden/stolen tech units, in order of decreasing priority: 1. If the archived official websites assigned a side to the unit, then the allegiance mentioned there is used.

  • Example: The stolen tech infantry from v1.2 can be trained from any barracks by any subfaction, but the v1.2 site assigned each of them to a side based on the structure that needs to be infiltrated.

2. If the unit has a "RequiredHouses" tag th…

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Fortranm Fortranm 23 April 2019

Known scrapped 3.0 Alpha missions

Matinoz has videos of 4 missions from 3.0 Alpha before it was rebooted. There is no legitimate (if any) way to play them at this point, but it might be nice to document them as scrapped content.

Gentle Execution
Enemy of a Choice
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Build time calculation

This should have been a single response rather than a full blog post. I'm only putting it here for the sake of future improvements or references.

Unlike the garrison ROF where it is possible to reach frame-level precision by creating a reference group which fires once per frame, there's no way of doing so here since one cannot build two structures/units at exactly the same moment. The starting and ending timestamp of the building time must be read manually from the SW countdown timer, leading to an error of no less than 0.5 seconds = 7.5 frames. Therefore the result cannot be "proven" accurate, but the algorithm is undoubtably corrrect.

The following algorithm is deducted by debugging game.exe from vanilla RA2.

  • Multiply the structure/unit's Cos…

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Hamsterrides Hamsterrides 13 December 2018

Mental Omega 2.0 page creation

How urgent is 2.0 content needed, given the times between 3.3.X updates? Are wiki contributors generally concerned about previous versions' content? We have the old MO database on archive, so page creation would be pretty easy.

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Notable Changes Omitted in the 3.3.4 Changelog

2018-10-17: updating page according to changelog modifications

Comparison of the RulesMO files reveals lots of changes which are not mentioned in the changelog. Here are some changes which impacts gameplay the most:

Only listing changes not on the changelog Ordered by importance inside each section

  • 1 A.I.
  • 2 Changes
  • 3 Allies
  • 4 Soviets
  • 5 Epsilon
  • 6 Foehn

  • TeamRetaliate=no => yes
    • When a strike team member is attacked. The entire team will retaliate instead of only the member itself.
  • Units on the hunt will now retaliate.
  • AIAutoDeployFrameDelay=15,25,100 => 1,1,1
    • A.I. GIs and GGIs deploys faster when guarding an area.
  • TotalAITeamCap=50,75,100 => 100,75,50 (brutal, medium, easy)
    • Increased A.I. team cap. This is more likely a fix which makes harder A.I.s more challenging.…

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Isol-IIID Isol-IIID 2 October 2018

Analysis of some Co-op mission's locations

Many times I have discovered that many players are controversial about the locations of Cooperative missions due to lack of loading screens (cannot accurately locate), so I will explain the origin of the controversial locations here.

2. Good Old Times: Though no any infomation about location is given in this mission now, but the old briefing during version 3.0 pointed out that the location is North Mexico.

4. Enforcers: Mission descriptions and mission texts only point out that the location is in North Africa, there is no clear positioning.

5. Technologic: Mission descriptions and mission texts do not give any information about the location at all. The location is in Poland is derived by the Polish flag next to Tech Missile Silo in the lower …

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Patch 3.3.4 Mission Panoramas - Spoiler Alert

Using CNCMaps Renderer version 2.3.1: Github, JPG encoding quality 80.

The XML will not be disclosed because it contains some of the you-know-whats.

After some nerdy debugs, I found out the reason of the crash. Some files in expandmo96.mix are OBSOLETE with incorrect sizes and palettes. Listing the external MIX in reverse order (i.e. 99 - 96) fixes the crash.

I patched the Renderer to bypass one exception which crashes the program. The patch is trivial in nature, however under GPL v3, any modification of the source code should be make public:

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Garrison ROF Calculation and Best Practice

  • 1 Introduction
  • 2 The problem
  • 3 Best practice
    • 3.1 Power underestimated
    • 3.2 1 + 1 < 2
    • 3.3 Ceiling exists
  • 4 Trivia

First of all, I'd like to thank AlexB whose advices and insights greatly assisted this research.

Garrisoning has always been a significant mechanism in Red Alert 2. Although easy to comprehend, the precise numeric value is much harder to calculate than anticipated. Few documentation can be found on this topic, moreover these hardly ever fit to test results. This blog will go deep and deduce the precise formula.

In this blog we're talking about infantry garrisoning only. Tank Bunker's ROF is trivial.

During gameplay, one might notice that each unit in a building takes its turn to fire, regardless of their respective ROFs. For example, even though a…

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Nikitazero Nikitazero 28 September 2018

About fan-made missions

Recently I've noticed about the popularity of fan-made missions for Mental Omega APYR. Though these missions are non-canon to the MO lore, they are quite interesting to play due to its own mechanics, and even some of them became the basis of certain official missions (such as Nightcrawler).

In regards on whether they should be included in the MO Wiki, I'll have to run a vote to decide it, which can be seen below. I've also edited the WarBox template and adding a new FanMade template in advance.

UPDATE: All admins and content moderators have decided against adding fan-made missions to MO APYR Wiki, so it's decided that it's a no. However, I did agree with Ollerus' suggestion to add the fan mission which official missions are based on, so I'll a…

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OllerusMO OllerusMO 28 September 2018

Mental Omega Chinese Wikia Announcement

Hello there. This time I'd like to announce the fandom project in Chinese MO community. Yes, there's finally a MO Chinese Wikia after one year's construction.

The Chinese wikia is bascially a translation of the MO APYR Wiki, well, at least some of it cuz it doesn't have well-organized pages yet. The Chinese wikia has most of the units pages and all of the missions/challenges pages done, while we're still continuing the contruction. The site was announced to public after the release of 3.3.4.

Everyone is welcome for visiting the site and contributing to it. Long live Mental Omega APYR!

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Nikitazero Nikitazero 24 September 2018

Patch 3.3.4. is here!

The 3.3.4 "summer patch" is finally released as Summer 2018 is about to end.

As before, you can download it automatically through the Mental Omega client, or if somehow you can't, the manual patch can be downloaded here.

As with the 3.3.3 patch, the 3.3.4 patch was released just as a developer playthrough video of The Great Beyond is released, where the Revolt's story continues as more about them is revealed:

As before, the patch's changelog can be seen here.

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Cooperative Mission Panoramas - Spoiler Alert

Using CNCMaps Renderer version 2.3.1: Github, JPG encoding quality 80.

The XML will not be disclosed because it contains some of the you-know-whats.

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J23k4z J23k4z 14 September 2018

Build Time investigation


Investigation 1: Validation of Game Speed cheat sheet from this blog post.

Iron Curtain takes 6 in-game minutes (360 in-game seconds) to recharge. Timers in game speed 2 are the closest to real time but still run a bit faster. According to the table, it will take 360 / 1.042 = 345.489 seconds in real life to recharge at Game Speed (GS) 2.

Measuring the time taken for iron curtain to recharge at GS2 using stopwatch (human error +-0.2s), T =  5 minutes 45 seconds (345 seconds) in real time, and therefore the measured result appears to be in agreement with the table.

Investigation 2: General build time multiplier

In MO, infantry has a build time multiplier of 0.65 and buildings have a build time multiplier of 1.25, dictated by


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Ferb123 Ferb123 1 September 2018

C&C Wikia arsenal template for Mental Omega Wiki

One step at a time. -Reaper Don't know why GI, Rocketeer and Chrono Legionnaire icons get more space.

|groupA1 = Infantry

|contentA1 =

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Bot Rot Bot Rot 10 August 2018

Suggestion: Addition of Game Mechanics pages

The wiki would benefit greatly if there are pages that explain game mechanics that aren't fully explained in official sources. More important since such game mechanics aren't exactly the same in vanilla RA2/YR. Would be a fine addition for both new and veteran players.

Possible pages:

  • Veterancy
  • Detectors
  • Firepower/Speed/Armor Modifiers
  • Status Effects (e.g. Frozen, Suppressed)
  • Build time modifiers
  • Garrisoning
  • Power
  • Credits (as in money)
  • Shroud
  • Armor Types (e.g. Big Defensive Structure, Medium)
  • High Ground
  • Crates
  • Artificial Intelligence (behavior)
  • Barrels (Would be nice for an April Fools page though)

Those community members who have innate knowledge on the insides of the mod (more than just playing it), especially exact values, are recommended for this.

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Isol-IIID Isol-IIID 14 July 2018

Mini Icons of Act 1

Three picture are used in version 3.0 as loading screens. In version 3.3, they are no longer used as each mission has its own loading screen now.

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Isol-IIID Isol-IIID 24 June 2018

All single player mission loading screens

Since finding that there was a very early loading screen of Nobody Home (presumably published in 2015) that pasted on the page of this mission, I had a plan to upload all the loading screens. All the loading screens are placed here.

All Covert Operations was temporarily lost their own loading screens in 3.3.4, simplified to a single special format (see bottom).

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CyborgGOAT CyborgGOAT 17 June 2018

What is this unit called??

I've been digging 3.0 for it's secrets and i have found this odd looking vehicle.

Likely a Unused Unit for china but what purpose does it do or what it's name?

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YayofHearts YayofHearts 5 June 2018

Arsenal pages for each of the factions

Can we have arsenal pages for each factions, just like in the rotr wiki? I would really appreciate it if there is a convenient way to see what each faction have.

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OllerusMO OllerusMO 12 May 2018

MO Mission Panoramas - Spoiler Alert

Mission panorama, as its name suggested, is the preview of the full map, made by a Map Renderer programme. I've noticed that wikia only has seldom of these images. While I've already made an album for them in the Baidu Tieba community (that album is obsolete now), I decide to make the same album in wikia. Of course, these images may contain spoiler contents of these missions. As a result, I post them to my blog for now, and you can see if they need to be put in the pages. All the campaign mission previews here come from their newest version. This album will also be updated when there're new missions released and old missions updated.

For cooperative mission panoramas, see here.

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Isol-IIID Isol-IIID 8 May 2018

A brief conclusion about usage of colors in campaign

Note: This page is obsolete now and is replaced by Colors.

Recently I've noticed that some people are a bit confused about the color's usage, so I'll make a summary about it here to let all of us basically clear the situation.

All colors are listed below:

Major Color is the represnt color of each faction and also the 1st color in co-op missions (except Allied, it uses NeonBlue instead) while Minor Color is the 2nd one.

  • 1 Details
    • 1.1 Allied - Subfaction-related
    • 1.2 Allied - Others
    • 1.3 Soviet - Subfaction-related
    • 1.4 Soviet - Others
    • 1.5 Epsilon - Subfaction-related
    • 1.6 Epsilon - Others
    • 1.7 Foehn
    • 1.8 Miscellaneous

The first three colors represent each subfaction at the same time, but each subfaction often uses Major Color (such as E07: Think Different, PF forces; A16:…

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Ivan Bomb Logic in MO 3.3

The term "Ivan Bomb Logic" gains its name from Crazy Ivan's unique attack pattern in Red Alert 2. When a weapon uses this logic, it attaches some sort of bomb to its target which detonates and deals damage after a preset fuse time.

In vanilla Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge, this logic is hard-coded to only apply to Crazy Ivan's bomb (with a special tag IvanBomb=yes). Ares Platform further developed this mechanism, allowing several Ivan Bomb Logic weapons to co-exist with different fuse time, bomb damage and warhead.

The following units possess weapons with Ivan Bomb Logic (based on version 3.3.3):

In comparison, a Prism Tank deals ~2 Damage per Frame to buildings, and 1 to infantry (ignoring beam arcing).

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My Personal Subfaction Attribute Table

This is a topic debated since long ago. Many believe that the subfactions of MO3.3 cannot fit to a perfect S-A-I model. However in my opinion, they can, and they fit quite well.

Strength: Subfactions boasting significant HP advantages over its comrades. These factions utilize slow but heavily-armored and heavily-armed forces, and usually lack a real siege tank due to game balance.

  • China
  • European Alliance
  • Epsilon Headquarters
  • Last Bastion

Agility: Subfactions with well-rounded multipurpose units. Such subfactions trade armor for mobility while maintaining high firepower. These are token A-move subfactions and more than often related to the word "imbalanced".

  • Russia
  • United States
  • PsiCorps
  • Wings of Coronia

Intellect: Subfactions which favor softening th…

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A.I. Superweapon & Support Power Behaviour

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Superweapon Behavior Types
  • 3 Special Types
  • 4 A.I. Superweapon Behaviors
  • 5 Chronosphere and IronCurtain type
    • 5.1 Taskforces
      • 5.1.1 Chronoshift
      • 5.1.2 Invulnerability
      • 5.1.3 Nanofiber Sync
      • 5.1.4 Rage
      • 5.1.5 Kinetic Barrier
      • 5.1.6 Irradiation
      • 5.1.7 Overcharge
      • 5.1.8 Chronoboost
      • 5.1.9 Quetzal Shield
  • 6 Reference

In modding, "Superweapon" not only stands for the ability provided by each faction's $3000 ($2500) and $5000 buildings, but also includes everything that is not fired from units and appears as an sidebar icon - the support powers.

In vanilla Red Alert 2. Superweapons only appear in the forms of Nuclear Missile, Invulnerability, Weather Storm, Chronoshift, American Airborne and Tech Airfield Paradrop. Yuri's Revenge introduces more weapons such as Spy Plane and F…

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J23k4z J23k4z 8 April 2018

Information consistency

Here is a list of in-game data that contradicts with the information from the official MO website. I hope this list will help to track and sort out the inconsistencies.

Last updated: 17 Oct 2018


  • Tanya uses her laser rifle on ships, not C4 (website description)
  • Tanya strength is 200 not 180 (changed in 3.3.3)
  • Norio strength is 270 instead of 265 (changed in 3.3.2)
  • Riot Troopers are actually not immune to dogs
  • Stallion strength is 330 not 320
  • Cryocopter range is 10.5 instead of 10 (3.3.2)
  • Humvee's passenger survival rate is not listed
  • Destroyer strength is 600 not 575
  • Coordnode power changed to -50 from -40 (3.3.3)
  • Navy SEAL strength is changed to 150 from 140 (3.3.3)
  • Warhawk's armor is actually medium not light (f_medium)
  • Navy SEAL range changed to …
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Informations about Infantry Only Mode

Blog based on game version 3.3.3.

  • 1 Overview
  • 2 Game Mode Changes
    • 2.1 Global settings
    • 2.2 Superweapons
    • 2.3 Buildings
    • 2.4 Armory
    • 2.5 Infantry
    • 2.6 Tech Buildings

The Infantry Only mode is a game mode specially designed for pure infantry combat. Since its introduction, its rules file has received numerous patches in order to maintain game balance. Actually, the Infantry Only mode has attained reasonable balance suitable for multiplayer games. It offers a chess-like playstyle much different from either standard Mental Omega skirmish or original Red Alert 2.

I personally find this game mode so well designed that it deserves some detailed record on the wiki. However putting everything in the Game Modes page seems out of place compared to other game modes' brief in…

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Nikitazero Nikitazero 3 April 2018

Say hello to our new admins!

Now that I've finally become the wiki's bureaucrat, I just want to announce that I have promoted Bot Rot and Arya Snow into the wiki's new admins and content moderators.

With that settled, the wiki's administration is now clear. I hope that with this, our wiki will be better in the future.

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Nikitazero Nikitazero 30 March 2018

Wiki overhauling and reform

Recently I was aware that the wiki's reputation being not that good, especially on MO's Discord community (thanks to Bot Rot who had told me such) who considered the wiki to be "untrustworthy". Therefore, in order to make the wiki looked better in the MO community, I've decided to initate a major overhaul and reform program over the wiki to fulfill our goal as a credible and trustworthy information source for Mental Omega APYR (since there's no word at all about the official wiki, but that disclaimer on the main page will remain until there are any update on the official wiki's status).

As some of you might know, I've announced an upcoming election for new admins for the wiki. The election, however, had to be cancelled since I've already pinp…

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Campaign Act 1 Timeline

Campaign timeline of the Third World War based on canon resources of Mental Omega version 3.3.3.

Some missions cannot be merged with the rest and are therefore kept in separated lines. The vertical position of the missions doesn't necessarily stand for chronological order.

  • According to the campaign order, the President should already have been killed in Happy Birthday. However this is not mentioned in the Allied briefings until much later in Hammer to Fall.
  • In Bad Apple there're two unused lines which say: The President wants us to proceed with caution, therefore you can only have 15 of the same soldiers at a time. This hints that Bad Apple might take place before Happy Birthday. So long as the quote is removed from the game, it can't be deeme…

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Nikitazero Nikitazero 9 March 2018

Patch 3.3.3 is out!

Mental Omega Patch 3.3.3 is released after quite a long delay.

As before, you can download it automatically through the Mental Omega client, or if somehow you can't, the manual patch can be downloaded here.

The patch was released just as a developer playthrough video of Nobody Home is released, which finally give a glimpse on how the Foehn Revolt came to be:

As before, the patch's changelog can be seen here.

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High Ground Range Bonus in Mental Omega

After having been defeated on the fortress maps for several times, I took some time to look into the range bonus mechanics of Mental Omega. The system itself is identical to Yuri's Revenge, but MO introduces many more new weapons to look into.

Some ingame weapon receives a range bonus when fired from a position higher than its target. A weapon benefits from such bonus only if:

  • Its projectile has SubjectToElevation=yes and is not an airburst projectile.
  • The weapon has Lobber=no, the payload is not fired in a hyperbolic trajectory.
  • Neither the weapon carrier nor the target is an aircraft.
  • The weapon does not have Warhead=Special, it is not a rocket/drone launcher.

If all these cases are met, the weapon will receive a range bonus when firing onto l…

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Technology Affiliation - Soviet

* Italics: Not confirmed by canon sources.

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Technology Affiliation - Allied

* Italics : Not confirmed by canon sources.

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Nikitazero Nikitazero 14 September 2017

Upcoming new admin election

Because I am now handling two wikis for two different CnC mods at the same time, this Mental Omega APYR Wiki and the Rise of the Reds Wiki, I am considering to elect a new admin for the wiki to handle everything in my absence.

However, as I didn't have the bureaucrat rights yet for this wiki, I have requested to be granted bureaucrat rights for the Mental Omega APYR Wiki so that I can promote a user to a new admin. Until then I have to wait.

For now, to all active editors in the Mental Omega APYR Wiki, just keep editing and remember to follow the wiki's policies and guidelines so that I might pick any of you as fitting and promising candidates for the admin position.


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