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Bloatick Tunnels are large openings that will self-destruct after a period of time, during which Bloaticks will constantly emerge from the Tunnel. They are created through the Bloatick Trap support power available to Scorpion Cell.

After being created, the Bloatick Tunnel can spawn a maximum of 8 Bloaticks before self-destructing. There is no way to prolong the Tunnel's lifespan, as it cannot be repaired at all, even by Engineers and the Maintenance support power. It is also unaffected by Force Shield and Invulnerability.


In the following missions, Bloatick Tunnels do not self-destruct unlike the skirmish/multiplayer counterpart and constantly spawn Bloaticks until destroyed.

Act Two

  • Bloatick Tunnels first appear in Stone Cold Crazy among the PsiCorps enemy.
  • In Hamartia, large amount of Bloatick Tunnels are present in the underground ice cave. Most of them are placed at the Dybbuk launch facility.

Special Ops

  • In Fullmetal, some buildings in the map will be automatically destroyed and the Scorpion Cell enemies will create Bloatick Tunnels on the position of these buildings.
  • In the first phase of Time Capsule, enemy Bloatick Tunnels will be created during the defense of the Underground Lab.


  • In Neuromancers, destruction of all Bloatick Tunnels is mandatory to complete the mission.


  • In the Contagion Challenge, there are a large number of Bloatick Tunnels that continually pump out poison clouds which cannot be destroyed and will deal constant damage to all units of the challengers.
  • In the Deception Challenge, each enemy Epsilon AI has 2 stealth Bloatick Tunnels.