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Bloatick Tunnels are large openings where the Epsilon Army, especially Scorpion Cell's Bloaticks will constantly emerge from until it is destroyed.


Excluding the Bloatick Tunnels deployed through Bloatick Trap, some missions also have the permanently active Bloatick Tunnels:

Act Two

Special Ops

  • In Fullmetal, some buildings in the map will be automatically destroyed and the Scorpion Cell enemies will create Bloatick Tunnels on the position of these buildings.


  • In Neuromancers, destruction of all Bloatick Tunnels is mandatory to complete the mission.


  • In the Contagion Challenge, there are a large number of Bloatick Tunnels that continually pump out poison clouds which cannot be destroyed and will deal constant damage to all units of the challengers.
  • In the Deception Challenge, each enemy Epsilon AI has 2 stealth Bloatick Tunnels.