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In the 3.x series prior to version 3.3.5, this support power unburrows three Epsilon T2 suicide infantry units anywhere around the battlefield to give a nasty surprise for unwary enemies. In version 3.0, this support power is known as the Weaver Trap and spawns Dream Weavers. In version 3.3, it became the Bloatick Trap since the Dream Weaver became the Bloatick.

AI behavior

In version 3.0, The AI will use Weaver Trap to target the largest enemy vehicle blob present. Ignores cloaked target. In version 3.3.x, The AI will use Bloatick Trap to target the largest enemy infantry blob present. Ignores cloaked targets.


Act Two

  • The Bloatick Trap is first usable in the campaign in Lizard Brain, if the player recaptures the Pandora Hub.