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Bloatick Trap is a support power used by the Scorpion Cell from their Pandora Hub once it is upgraded with the Chemplug add-on, which does as its name suggests by unburrowing a Bloatick Tunnel anywhere around the battlefield, creating up to 8 Bloaticks before it self-destructs, to give a nasty surprise for unwary enemies, especially infantry.

The number of spawned Bloaticks is dependent on the Bloatick Tunnel's current hit points. The more damage the Bloatick Tunnel takes from enemies, the less Bloaticks it will spawn.

If all Bloaticks spawn, $2800 worth of Bloaticks are obtained at a price of $1000. If these Bloaticks are recycled in a Grinder, a total of $1400 will be gained, resulting in a net gain of $400.

AI behavior

The AI will use Bloatick Trap to target a clear space close to the center of the enemy base. If all enemies are defeated, the AI will target their own base, with the same circumstances.


Act Two

  • The Bloatick Trap is first usable in the campaign in Lizard Brain, if the player recaptures the Pandora Hub.