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In version 3.0, the Bloatick was known as the Dream Weaver which releases Terminus gas that throws enemies into disarray. This was changed when chaos gas was retconned out of existence and replaced by Foehn's confusion ray; gameplay-wise, the Dream Weaver was succeeded by the Deviatress.

Official description

One of the more curious and deviant "infantry" units produced by Epsilon, the quadrupedal creature known as the Dream Weaver is an artificial bio-mechanical organism which carries within itself glands that naturally secrete the neurotoxin known as Terminus. Dream Weavers honor their namesake by violently discharging condensed Terminus towards enemies, inducing powerful hallucinations and bringing them into a state of heightened aggression.

Dream Weavers contain several failsafes developed to prevent their capture and study by Allied and Soviet scientists. If a Dream Weaver receives critical damage, it self destructs, releasing its remaining supply of Terminus gas, affecting those unlucky enough to be caught in the blast.[1]

Behind the scenes

  • The Dream Weaver's original SHP sprite is a public asset and can be used by other modders. The link can be found here.
    • The name of the sprite is simply "Spider" and it is larger than the Bloatick uses.
    • The author of the sprite mentions that the design is based on a sketch by El D34dlyto, and that the original idea was to make a cyborg APC.


  • Lorewise, Epsilon Headquarters is responsible for the Dream Weaver.[2]