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Shattering bliss.
—A Blizzard Tank driver looking for targets

The Blizzard Tank is a tank used by Pacific Front that can attack both ground and air targets thanks to its Thermal Inversion cannon which also slows down enemies.

Official description

When the Pacific Front joined the Allies in light of the Soviet threat from China, the Japanese contributed an amazing piece of technology to the Allied arsenal. The Blizzard Tank was originally a non-lethal weapon, used to impede vehicles and immobilize unruly citizens or fleeing criminals with its unique Thermal Inversion cannon which could cool sub-atomic particles to temperatures which made movement almost impossible.

Now this weapon's effectiveness has been amplified to such a level that any organic material is instantly destroyed and armored targets are slowed and their armor reduced to fragile layers of ice under the stress of the absolute zero temperatures inflicted by the Blizzard Tank. It is surprisingly effective against aircraft as well. Even though this weapon can out-range most conventional tanks and its effectiveness against infantry is undisputed, it only does negligible damage to structures.[1]


The Blizzard Tank is an excellent escort for the Hailstorm when coupled with the Zephyr, as while it is unable to damage tanks to an extent, its ability to slow down ground targets nevertheless makes it useful. What it shines most is when it faces hordes of infantry and light aircraft.


Act One

  • The Blizzard Tank makes its first appearance on the battlefield in Think Different as part of the enemy Pacific Front forces.
  • Blizzard Tanks are first controllable and buildable in the Covert Ops mission Eclipse. They are first given as reinforcements after the player establishes a base, and more can be built once the Tech Secret Lab is captured.

Act Two

  • For the Allies, Blizzard Tank debuts as a buildable unit in Stormbringer.


  • Effective against both infantry and air units.
  • Good armor and attack range.
  • Freezing cloud deals minor damage to ground units in a small target area.
  • Weapon slows ground units, making them difficult to move.
  • Weapon also damages multiple ground units in a straight line.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Poor against structures.
  • Vulnerable to anti-armor weapons.
  • Does not deal splash damage to multiple air units.

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