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The Soviet invasion on the United States has finally commenced, with New York City being one of their first targets. The Russians attempt to destroy the Statue of Liberty in an attempt to crush American morale as they make their way inland. The war begins anew.
—Mission description

Operation: Bleed Red is the first Soviet Act One campaign mission.


Greetings Comrade, the war we have waited for so long is finally happening! The World Revolution is upon us, and by the end, we will all be comrades and proletariats, united in a worldwide brotherhood! We have taken a gamble and sent most of our forces to sea for America - they will strike from both East and West. Our Comrades in Latin America will come in from the south, as well as facilitate our grip when we land and take control. Your recent successes in the Academy have landed you an honor and a test - you are to be among the commanders of the first strike on America, the landing on New York City. While the task at hand is not the highest one, it is of extreme importance. You are to obliterate the American morale, and to decapitate their hypocritical Statue of Liberty - we will eventually build a true monument there.

With that done, due to the fact that the Statue is near the next objectives, it has fallen onto you to lay the groundwork for much of our offensive forces a ways behind, so that they can pass unimpeded into the City and fan out. American outposts guard the bridges into the city, and they need to be taken out. If the Americans blow the bridges, it is on you to repair them, and secure the other side. When our forces start streaming in, join the battle at hand and take out the American forces. This is admittedly a difficult task, but there is little doubt among the High Command that you can do it. As a sign of this, you will have command of the Hero of the Soviet Union, Boris, when he lands in the city.

Objective 1: Destroy the Statue of Liberty.
Objective 2: Secure bridges by destroying Allied outposts.
Objective 3: Destroy Allied forces.


Toppling the Lady Liberty

Foolish Americans, their country is ours!

Despite the initial losses, Soviet forces were able to establish a foothold in a section of the Hudson river, where a base was set up. Defenses held firm, for the time being, while a lifeline was set for recurring Soviet reinforcements, coming within the hour. The Statue of Liberty, however, was an entirely different story – an amphibious force was stationed at the particular portion of the river, meant for tourism, and all ground access was blocked by firmly entrenched American forces, with reinforcements being marshalled also within the hour.

Despite the initial failure, the General persisted on a naval approach to the Statue, particularly where he could set up a force of Dreadnoughts to bombard the monument from a distance. A small force of Typhoon submarines and Seawolves were able to pierce through the defending American amphibious force, particularly its anti-air defenses, allowing the Dreadnoughts to come close enough to destroy it. The Statue of Liberty was reduced to shambles.

Clearing the bridges

Despite the initial victory, the time wasn't quite ripe yet to advance to victory, as the General noticed two Allied outposts established close to bridges that linked to the Hudson's shores. One, in particular, led to the back of the Soviet base and could be exploited by the American forces, if they decided to counter attack. Thus, the General landed two separate parties of infantry aided by tank divisions to clear these positions and secure the bridges. The Americans attempted to stall the Soviet advance by destroying these two bridges but quick Engineer reinforcement resumed progress.  Amongst the attack forces was Boris, an iconic Soviet hero, who helped open most of the way to the Allied positions. Sadly, he was killed in action shortly thereafter.

Fall of the Big Apple

With the bridges secured, the General was finally granted command of the foothold to conduct the final, major objective of obliterating all American opposition. Still, it was a complicated struggle which, even with armored and aerial support in the form of Kirov airships, the Soviets conquered the city with heavy losses. The General only gained a slight edge with the destruction of stationed American forces meant to stop incoming Soviet reinforcements. Though few, these reinforcements were enough a distraction for the General to breach through the primary American lines and destroy the primary positions in charge of defending the city. The remaining American resistance was mopped up in a matter of hours.


Your victory was swift and decisive, with us gaining a considerable foothold in the city. As for Boris, his sacrifice will not be in vain as we move deeper into American territory. To maintain our momentum, we must gain more ground. The invasion continues on.
—Battlefield report

The occupation of New York marked the first step of the eventual Soviet occupation of the United States. Taking advantage of its fortified nature, Yuri's PsiCorps, which was still loyal to the Soviet Union at the time, established a Psychic Beacon at the ruins of the World Trade Center, one that helped subdue American remnants and even an incoming taskforce meant to scout it prior to an assault on the city.

This particular Beacon would also prove of pivotal importance to the Americans under a particular commander. When they returned and captured the device, it finally exposed the Soviet use of psychic technology to the Allied forces and how it theoretically explained the facilitated Soviet invasion of the U.S. Despite this revelation, however, after the destruction of Chicago, New York was eventually reclaimed by the Soviet Union as the American remnants fled to Europe.

 Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 30000
  • The enemy retaliate weaker compared to harder difficulties.
  • The number of enemy guards and attacking troops are the least compared to harder difficulties. In addition, no Warhawks will be patroling.
  • When destroying Allied outposts guarding the bridge, the force given is the largest compared to the two other difficulties. In addition, both routes have an extra healing crate.
  • No Abrams Tank will appear.


  • Starting credits: 20000
  • The enemy retaliate stronger than in Casual.
  • When destroying Allied outposts guarding the bridge, the force given is smaller compared to Casual.
  • The number of enemy guards and attacking troops are increased compared to Casual.
  • The enemy will gain control of the Tech Airfield after the player gained the Soviet base.
  • Tanya will join the fight after the player gains control of the base if the Allied Barracks is not captured or destroyed.


  • Starting credits: 15000
  • The enemy retaliate stronger compared to easier difficulties.
  • A Grand Cannon will be defending the US base.
  • The number of enemy guards and attacking troops are the most numerous in this difficulty.
  • Only Boris is dispatched to secure the west bridge; as a result, his death from the poison will result in mission failure if the outpost isn't destroyed yet.
  • The player won't receive warning when attempting to cross the east bridge.
  • The player will be ambushed by enemy infantry squad when crossing each bridge.
  • The enemy will gain control of the Tech Airfield after the player gained the Soviet base.
  • Tanya will join the fight after the player gains control of the base if the Allied Barracks is not captured or destroyed.

Easter egg

  • There are 2 limousines located on islands (1 just north of the western Allied outpost and 1 north east of the enemy Tech Machine Shop). Destroying a limousine will award the player with a money crate.


  • This mission is a role reversal of Lone Guardian, the first Allied mission in the original Red Alert 2.
    • Lone Guardian oversaw the liberation of New York (Despite the Statue of Liberty still being destroyed), while in this mission the Soviet General occupies New York and destroys the Statue.
  • To justify the new heroes for the Russian subfaction, Boris (the original Soviet hero unit from Yuri's Revenge) is killed off in this mission.