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The Blasticade is a support power that is the ability of the Foehn's support superweapon, the Blast Furnace. It moves the high-pressure steam produced in the Blast Furnace into all Blast Trenches upon activation, forming a barrier of strong, controlled steam eruptions which will destroy everything that comes in contact with the barrier, be it on the ground or in the air (including aerial units that are normally invulnerable to anti-air defenses such as Recon Drones and the Spy Plane), neutralizes any attacks directed at targets inside the barrier from the outside (including destructible projectiles such as Scud Launcher rockets), and causes the Blast Trenches to become impervious to any and all external interference.

Ground units will be unable to pass through the Blast Trenches and have to seek another route while Blasticade is active, but air and burrowing units will often be unaware of the steam barrier and unknowingly fly or dig straight into it, resulting in their demise. However, epic units and Hunter-Seeker drones are unaffected by the Blasticade and can safely go through the steam barrier without suffering any noticeable damage.


General tips

  • Blasticade is a purely defensive superweapon; while it cannot benefit Foehn units on the front lines, it is able to delay or destroy opposing armies if they plan on attacking the Foehn base.
    • In addition, Blasticade also requires an auxiliary object (Blast Trench) to become usable; while this means that the Blasticade is dependent on such trenches, the Blasticade can be expanded up to the point where an entire base is surrounded by Blast Trenches, rendering the base impassable from any incursion once the Blasticade is active.
  • As the only support superweapon capable of harming enemies directly, Blasticade also stands as the superweapon with the shortest cooldown and longest duration, so a Foehn player should have ample time in preparing a counterattack and/or for their stationary defenses to wipe out the remaining forces as the Blasticade lasts.
  • Blasticade cannot be turned off manually once activated, so proper timing is required for maximum use.
  • If the power grid or the Blast Furnace itself is disabled while the Blasticade is working, the Blasticade has to recharge from the beginning after either becomes online.
    • However, all naval siege units will experience difficulty in doing these due to their destructible projectiles, making the Blasticade an efficient counter to navy sieges.
  • The Blast Furnace and Trenches requires sufficient building space and time (e.g. Blast Trenches cannot surround an entire base if the terrain is inclined), so Blasticade is usually unnecessary if the Foehn player is continuously on the offensive.

AI behavior

Except in the Firestorm Challenge, Blasticade is the only superweapon the AI will never use, even if they own Blast Furnaces(s) that are already placed in the battlefield (such as in certain maps in the Fortress gamemode).



  • The Blasticade is a major obstacle present in the Firestorm Challenge. It is activated without Blast Furnaces, which makes destroying the Foehn bases the only way to disable the Blasticade. It has an increased countdown of 10 minutes but lasts for 2 minutes like in regular gameplay.


  • In the Fortress map Yunru's Keep, the defending player can use Blasticade from the pre-placed Blast Furnaces, even though superweapons are normally disabled in the Fortress game mode.


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