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The Blackout Research Station is a building located in the Kanegawa Industries complex in Miyazaki, Japan. When activated, it shuts down all enemy buildings on the map temporarily.


According to Chinese intel, the Blackout Research Station houses blackout technology that is a result of reverse-engineering Chinese EMP technology. It apparently emits a strong signal that interferes with the equipment of the Chinese invaders, disabling all of their buildings for 44 in-game seconds, on a cooldown of 5:30.


Special Ops

  • In Eclipse, the Blackout Research Station can be found at the top left corner of the map. Shortly after the player establishes a base, it will activate, temporarily shutting down all of the player's buildings (although those that are captured by an Engineer during the blackout will not be retroactively disabled). Afterwards, it will be revealed to the player and will activate every time it's off cooldown until destroyed. It will self-explode when the player tries to capture it.


  • In the Heroslayer Challenge, the Haihead enemy has a Blackout Research Station. It will start working after the second wave of heroes begins attack, shut down all of the player's buildings, like in Eclipse.

Behind the scenes

The Blackout Research Station's artwork is a public asset that can be used by other modders. The link can be found here (named EMP Device).