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The Black Widow is an Allied unmanned support aircraft that is summoned through the namesake support power from the Tech Center, but also requires an Air Force Command HQ to be deployed.

The Black Widow covers itself with stealth systems that makes it invisible to enemies until it reaches its target destination, at which it will circle the area to draw enemy anti-air fire for a long period of time. Its jamming equipment will shut down enemy radar systems and, if they are within the Black Widow's scrambler range, decreases enemy defenses' firepower. The Black Widow will also provide friendly aircraft within its range with a masking cloak that allows them to resist more damage from anti-air weapons.

The Black Widow can be shot down, although its heavily customized armor allows it to soak up heavy amount of anti-air fire before it is destroyed.

AI behavior

The AI will use Black Widow similar to how they use superweapons, so they target any of the following, assuming they are not cloaked:

If all these does not exist, it'll target base defenses, then finally units.


Act Two

  • The Black Widow is first usable in the campaign in Hysteria.


  • The Black Widow clearly resembles the Aurora Bomber (or more specifically, the Aurora Alpha variant with their similar color schemes) from Generals. However, the Black Widow cannot actually attack, is an unmanned aircraft, and its armor is substantially more durable in contrast to the latter two's paper-thin natures.

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