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Korea's finest!
- Black Eagle
The Black Eagle is the fighter jet used by the Pacific Front. Being the strongest of the Allied fighters, its cryogenic missiles can make short work on most ground targets.

Official description

The Black Eagle's position as one of the best fighters in the world is uncontested to this day. Its good armor, great speed and advanced weaponry makes this dealer of death one of the biggest airborne threats to the Allied Nation's enemies. With its devastating cryo-missiles, the Black Eagle is capable of taking out several targets at once in a single hit. The Black Eagle is a status symbol for the Pacific Front, a testament to their undeniable superiority when it comes to aerospace technology.[1]


Pacific Front's Black Eagle's position as one of the best fighters in the world is uncontested to this day. Black Eagles is armed with a cryogenic missiles to freeze and destroy any target it can find. While Black Eagles don't have the speed, stealth and precision of the Stormchild or the special damage debuff and powerful anti-tank missiles of the Harrier, it makes up for being the most advanced and powerful aircraft in the game. It excels against any ground target, and not many units are able to outrun or dodge its missiles. Its weapon is also capable of dealing splash damage making them ideal against large number of units clumped together.

However, Black Eagle is much more expensive than the two other Allied jets. While tougher, they can't last too long in enemy fire, especially against heavy anti-aircraft defenses.


Act One

  • Black Eagles make their first appearance in the campaign in Side Effect, as part of the Pacific Front invasion of Russia.
  • In Think Different, several Black Eagles are seen on the ground (instead of on an Air Force Command HQ) in the northwestern area.

Act Two

  • Due to the player's limited access to PF tech in the campaign, it does not become buildable (without capturing enemy Pacific Front Air Force Command HQ) until Stormbringer.


  • Able to accurately strike targets from above.
  • Arguably strongest of the main three Allied jets.
  • Capable of dealing splash damage in a small target area.
  • Can minimize AA damage if the commander micromanages well.

  • Still very fragile.
  • Has to return to airbase for rearming frequently.


  • The Black Eagle bears resemblances to the Su-47 Berkut Russian experimental fighter jet or the Shinden II from the Ace Combat series.

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