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No one stands in our way!
—A Bison Tank on a stampede with his comrades

The Bison Heavy Tank is the main battle tank of the Last Bastion.

Official description

Last Bastion's Bison Tanks were designed in a way that prefers stationary combat rather than battling on the move. When the Bison Tank is heavily damaged, it releases its own nanomachines which will begin to rapidly repair the damaged areas. These nanomachines work faster and with increased effectiveness if the Bison Tank is not moving during the process. They are capable of restoring a Bison's armor and weapon systems completely to a fully operational state, however the duration of their effect is not infinite. If a Bison is continuously under fire and on the move, a moment will come when the nanoids will need to recharge, temporarily ceasing the repairs. This makes the decision of keeping a Bison division in one spot or on the move crucial to this tank's survival.[1]


The Bison Tank has a huge health pool of 450 hit points, a nanoid repair system for self repair and a fast cannon. Coupled with Mastodons and the Nanocharge support power, they can become an immense wall of armor capable of withstanding plenty of punishment while delivering a barrage of pain of their own.

The Bison is excellent for dealing with other tanks when stationary because the Bison suffers in pursuits due to its slow speed (tied with the Qilin Tank), and the repair nanoids don't work as well while the tank is moving. In spite of its formidable armor and anti-vehicle weaponry, do note that the Bison can still be outgunned and kited easily by faster tanks with longer ranges, such as Abrams Tanks.

Despite what's stated above, the Bison is arguably the strongest Tier 1 tank, whether in hot pursuit or stationary.


  • One of the toughest main battle tanks in the game.
  • Effective against armored vehicles.
  • Can crush infantry and fire on the move.
  • Good armor and rate of fire.
  • Release nanoids to repair itself when heavily damaged, even more effective when stationary.
  • Very difficult to kill when stationary due to its rapid self-repair.
  • Not as effective against infantry.
  • Expensive. ($900)
  • Vulnerable against heavy anti-armor threats, especially when on the move.
  • Slow-moving.


  • The American bison is a North American species of bison that once roamed the grasslands of North America in massive herds.
  • In the game files, the Bison Tank is referred to as "Roach".

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