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The Bio Tank is a building used by the Epsilon Army to store Libra Clones or other infantry used for research or for weaponization. It has 3 small types and a large type.


Act Two

  • The first Bio Tank appears in the Soviet mission Exist to Exit. This Bio Tank will explode after a period of time.
  • There are 4 Bio Tanks in the main base of Epsilon Army in each Allied missions Hysteria and Relentless. Their use is unknown in the mission, though they might be storing normal weaponized creatures.
  • In the missions Insomnia and Unthinkable, the Allies destroyed many of the Bio Tanks containing Libra Clones in the Epsilon bases.
  • In the Soviet mission Earthrise, there are several damaged and empty Bio Tanks located on the right side of the map, one of them is a large type. This is the experimentation site for the prototype hivemind Yuri was working on. It was abandoned after Libra went berserk when the Bio Tank in Exist to Exit was detonated.
  • In the first phase of Reality Check, the last Libra Clones are located in Bio Tanks stored the southwest Allied base, which explains why Libra was unable to detect them through her Vision.
  • In Stage V of Babel, Bio Tanks are seen in the pocket dimension of the Paradox Engine as an easter egg, presumably researched by the Allies.

Special Ops

  • 24 Bio Tanks appear in the second phase of the Allied mission Parasomnia. Destroying them to capture the Libra Clones within is the primary objective.
  • Chronologically, Bio Tanks first appear in the first phase of the Foehn mission Time Capsule, where Brutes are usually stored within.


  • There are 4 abandoned and empty Bio Tanks in the Soviet co-op mission Intoxicated. After Reznov and Krukov find them, both colonels will mention the Bio Tank that appeared in the mission Exist to Exit.

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