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The fearsome Super Apocalypse Tanks have been deployed by the Russians once again! This time there are no malfunctions with the control systems of these automated monster tanks. Luckliy, they are still limited in numbers. Be on your guard.
—Map description

Battlecity Challenge is the fourth Challenge map that pits the player(s) against three Russian armies. In this challenge, the enemy makes use of the campaign-exclusive Super Apocalypse Tanks to periodically assault the players after a certain amount of time has passed.


The player, and their co-commander if desired, are constantly under the threat of invasion by Super Apocalypse Tanks every 16 minutes (20 minutes at first time), who attack their bases after a countdown timer that will reset and continue until the challenge has been won. They appear in small groups (one Super Apocalypse per surviving Russian base), but they are still a threat due to their massive bonuses. Regular Apocalypse Tanks also appear as defenders of the Russian bases.

Three Russian AIs have a deployed Stalin's Fists for each during the start, which will be activated 10 minutes after the start of the game; They also have Tech Heavy Machineries and Tech Machine Shops for each initially.

Support power changes/additions:

  • The enemy has access to a Tesla Cruiser paradrop that deploys 2 Tesla Cruisers on the challengers' bases has a cooldown of 8 minutes. These can only be activated as long as a Russian Palace is present. This paradrop replaces the Overcharge support power and the challengers cannot obtain it if a Palace is captured.
  • Disruptor will be deployed at challengers' base with a decreased 5:00 cooldown;
  • Added one Terror Drone among the Terror Drop.

Unit changes/additions:

  • Volkov, Shock Troopers and Tesla Cruisers have a 50% firepower boost, as if affected by a permanent Overcharge.
  • Volkov has an increased default speed from 6 to 7.
  • Rhino Tanks will get every shell replaced by the tesla-enhanced shells.

Starting point Tech buildings


  • The name of this challenge could be a reference to the 1985 game Battle City developed by Namco. In this game, the player controls a tank to fight other tanks in destructible urban environments, resembling the map layout and the main focus, the Super Apocalypse Tanks, of this challenge.
  • The challenge's map is essentially based on the 8-player standard skirmish map Westernfield with a snowy theme and smaller size, which is in-turn a remake of WestField from the game World of Tanks. This also corresponds to its super-tank theme.

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