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The Battle Lab is Latin Confederation's advanced technology structure which unlocks the best of their units and structures.

Official description

More of a hideout, storage and assembly facility than a research lab, the Battle Lab is where the Latin Confederation's engineers put together their explosive traps, prepare napalm weapons and produce smoke bombs. It is said there are no secrets hidden in a Latin Confederation's Battle Lab as there is no big science behind their weapons. They utilize what is deemed outdated by many, sold to the countries of the Confederation by the Russians after the latter modernized their arsenal. However, in the hands of this unpredictable army, these old weapons might be used in ways not seen before.[1]


Besides serving as the key to the Latin Confederation's myriad arsenal of napalm and smoke, the Battle Lab provides the following support powers:

Support power Description
A trio of Mortar Quads can be summoned wherever the Latin general needs them, especially in the midst of tank battles. This reinforcement power has a cost of $2000, and needs 6:30 to recharge.
The Latin Confederation has an assortment of flame weaponry, one of them being the feared Flame Tower. A Latin general can opt to instantly spawn one of these towers that are deadly against infantry and light vehicles anywhere he wishes, for a cost of $500. This reinforcement power has a cooldown of 5:00.
Whenever the Latin Confederation feel that they are outgunned by their adversaries, they are able to call upon a special Cargo Plane filled with Smoke Bombs to reduce their firepower by half, giving their forces a fighting chance. What makes it different from the standard Dustdevil is its longer duration. This support power has a price of $1000 to activate and takes 6:30 to recharge.

Like other Soviet labs, the Battle Lab must be protected by its owner, whether from destruction or infiltration, that would otherwise prevent the Latin general from gaining the upper hand with Tier 3 units. In addition, unlike other factions, the Soviets only need a single technology expander (the Battle Lab being one of them) to unlock Tier 3, but it requires a large amount of money to construct and power to maintain (in fact, all Soviet labs cost the same as offensive superweapons).


Act One



The original Nemesis Tech Center owned by the Nemesis faction from the mod Allies Revenge 2.

  • The Latin Battle Lab's artwork originates from the Nemesis Tech Center from the discontinued Allies Revenge 2 mod for Red Alert 2, now reused for Mental Omega.
    • The creator behind the artwork of the Latin Battle Lab, Godwin, was also the art lead behind the aforementioned mod.

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