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The Basilisk is an airborne artillery craft used by Epsilon to destroy enemy structures from afar. It is created by Rashidi during the time period between the Third Great War and the Mental Omega War.

Official description

The Basilisk harnesses a cutting-edge engine that converts psychic waves into raw power. The resulting energy is then used for the propulsion drives. With psychic encapsulation technology and electromagnetic fields, waste psychic energy can be molded and used as energy projectiles to bombard ground targets from an incredible range. These psionic energizers have proven to be exceptionally potent against infantry and buildings alike, making the Basilisk one of the most powerful units an Epsilon army can possess.

Unfortunately, the enormous weight of the Basilisk's engine, armor, and armaments has made this craft rather sluggish. Though the Basilisk was once intended to engage airborne targets as well, the placement of anti-aircraft defenses has been removed due to the weight slowing the Basilisk to a crawl, making it vulnerable to anti-aircraft fire. Basilisk cannot outrange stationary anti-air defenses so be careful with it.[1]


The Basilisk is a viable option whenever Epsilon ground armies are unable to take down heavy anti-ground defenses (including siege units). The Basilisk is the cheapest anti-structure aircraft in the game, encouraging proselytes to mass produce this anti-structure aircraft to bring down the toughest of buildings, especially in circumstances where anti-air defenses are lacking in formidable bases.

In addition, the Basilisk is the second fastest anti-structure aircraft, which makes it capable of closing into (or retreating from) enemy installations quicker. Due to this, proselytes can utilize hit-and-run tactics with Basilisk fleets to reduce casualties. Additionally, its weapon is strong against infantry, enabling it to defend itself and provide aerial support to nearby Epsilon troops if need be, as it is able to fire without facing its target, as well having no delay when first attacking. The Basilisk is also adept at dealing splash damage - another factor that its counterparts lack - allowing them to eliminate clusters of infantry or big structures easily (though they will experience some difficulty destroying single tile defenses, whether static or mobile, than its counterparts due to the nature of their attack).

Although Basilisk cannot outrange AA defenses, it is possible to order ground fire, and in some situations, the Basilisk will be able to reach enemies from a longer range, sometimes even AA-defense structures. However, due to its artillery mechanics, it may miss its bombardments when the Basilisk is positioned in higher ground than the buildings.

On the flipside, Basilisks have the least hit points among its counterparts, so even Tier 1 anti-air vehicles and static defenses can down these aircraft, so they must be put out of harm's way in smaller numbers.

AI behavior

Basilisks controlled by the AI has the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 2x targeting structures



  • 4x targeting offensive superweapons (including Fake Psychic Dominator)


We've launched the Basilisks into action. With their long range weapons they'll help you deal with enemy defenses and infantry right from the sky.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: Machinehead

Act Two

  • A Basilisk prototype appears in Lizard Brain where the Proselyte has to take it, along with other prototypes, into safety. This prototype is unarmed and must land when not moving.
  • The Basilisk makes its debut on the battlefield in Machinehead, where four of them are given to the Proselyte in the later stages of the mission.
  • The Basilisk is first buildable in Obsidian Sands. Only the Proselyte can build Basilisks and use them against their own creator: Rashidi's Scorpion Cell cannot, since his Basilisks have not been armed and cannot be used. Basilisks are also unavailable in Survivors (where the player is playing as these Scorpion Cell forces), possibly for the same reason.
  • In Earthrise, the Basilisk is fully functional on the Moon despite the lack of an atmosphere.


  • Effective against structures and infantry.
  • Deals splash damage in a target area.
  • Decent attack range.
  • Can safely siege base defenses except AA defenses.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Cheapest Tier 3 anti-structure aircraft.
  • Fragile, easy to kill with AA weapons.
  • Ineffective against armored vehicles.
  • Somewhat expensive ($1800).
  • Cannot attack air units.
  • Exploitable minimum range.
  • Not very accurate and may cause friendly fire.

Behind the scenes

  • When the Basilisk was first introduced into the game during development for 3.0, it was able to outrange anti-air defenses. When 3.0 was released however, this is no longer the case due to balance reasons.[2]
  • Prior to version 3.3.5, the Basilisk's weapon name was plasma generator, but now has changed as the Epsilon doesn't use plasma technology anymore. This technology now belongs to the Foehn Revolt. Additionally, the old description mentioned that Basilisk heats natural gas into power, and mold resulting plasma as energy projectiles.