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Contact with the Allied troops is inexplicably lost during an attempt to reclaim New York City from the Russian forces. A special strike team is dispatched to investigate the situation, reestablish communication with the units in the city, and assist if necessary.
—Mission description

Operation: Bad Apple is the fifth Allied Act One campaign mission.


After weeks of relentless fighting, we have successfully pushed the Soviets back out of the Southern states along the East Coast. Despite this, not all news is good. We've just lost the Bahaman Enterprise Aircraft Carrier fleet in mysterious circumstances, with reports indicating they started firing at each other before being bombarded by our very own Stormchild fighters we've just recently dispatched to the area. What's more troublesome is that we can no longer contact the President. Maybe the Soviets have sabotaged our communication facilities in the area, or they may even have used means of interference that we have never seen before, but the situation is not looking good.

Additionally, unusually large amounts of our vehicles have been recently seen being used by the enemy around the country, more than the Soviets could man on their own. We snuck a small task force into New York City for early reconnaissance before we could make a full-scale attempt to retake the city. However, just this morning, all contact with the team suddenly ceased. We are not sending the main force in before the matter gets investigated.

Be on your guard, Commander. Something very dangerous is going on here.

Objective 1: Contact the missing task force.
Objective 2: Wait for further instructions.


Arrival in New York

Why?! Why are our forces shooting at us?
—Allied troops under friendly fire

While establishing Battlefield Control, the Commander noticed that Civilians and American troops were firing upon his own forces. Intel reported that surviving Allied troops were located south-west from his current location. With this knowledge, and a warning from Allied Command about more soldiers turning against him, the Commander moved his forces out.

Using newly acquired Riot Troopers, he quickly eliminated any opposition he found and made his way to the river, his Voyager Transports following on behind. After some fighting, the Commander captured a Naval Shipyard and a Barracks. He soon had them be repaired by Engineers.

Rescuing the captured American Forces

Now that the Naval Shipyard and Barracks were back in good condition, the Commander prepared a small fleet to pave way for a rescue mission, sinking several Soviet ships in the process. His soldiers landed there and began to move towards the place where the task force was held captive, but something wasn't right.

No! Don't..come..any closer!
—A captive Allied soldier

Upon their arrival, the captives began firing on their would-be rescuers. Realizing that the task force is now a threat and beyond help, the Commander had no choice but order his troops to execute these "treasonous" soldiers.

Capturing the "unknown object"

Commander, intel says there's an unidentified structure nearby! It might be responsible for what happened to our forces.
—Allied soldier

Afterwards, Intel located a mysterious object in the place where the World Trade Center once was. They believed it might be responsible for why their forces were turning "Red". They predicted that, should they stay in the city for too long, they too would be affected. The Commander mobilized his forces and headed deeper into New York City, facing both Soviet soldiers as well as armed American civilians and soldiers. They also managed to rescue a captive Engineer, who was key in capturing the building.

Eventually, his men reached and captured the device, powering it down immediately. As a result, the "turned" American personnel and Civilians suddenly snapped from Soviet Control and began fighting the Russians. US command was curious about what and how this mysterious machine worked. While the Soviets sold off their power to prevent the Allies from harnessing its power, a series of civilian Power Plants were located around New York City that could be used as substitutes.

After some persistent fighting, the Psychic Beacon harnessed enough power to become operational. Without warning, all Soviet forces present in New York City were suddenly now under their control. Before they could take any action, their Engineers reported that they had no idea how to keep the device working. As a result, the beacon blew up, freeing the Soviets from control. With no other options, the American forces eliminated the remaining Soviets and secured New York City, putting it back under Allied control.


The implications of what you have discovered in New York City are monumental. If the Soviets manage to deploy this mind control technology on a large scale, not only is our country doomed, but the very notion of free thought will be in jeopardy.
—Battlefield Report

With the discovery of the Psychic Beacon, Allied Command was completely horrified. They quickly realized that not only had multiple losses been through this power over the mind, but that Soviet victory could be the end of free will itself. The data was also sent to the European Alliance. It would prove useful in the latter, more tragic events to come.

In the meantime, the Soviets had seized Chicago and built another Psychic Beacon, along with a device that could amplify the effect of said Beacon. The Commander was sent immediately to stop said construction of a device.

 Difficulty changes


  • Starting credits: 10000
  • Countdown before Psychic Beacon activates: 55 minutes
  • The enemy AI attack intensity in later phase of mission is the weakest.
  • Only Mind-controlled American forces will patrol in the city, no any Soviet patrol teams.
  • Most of Soviet defenses on the map will be removed. Allied defenses at Soviet hands are not included.
  • The player starts off with an additional Abrams Tank.
  • 2 money crates will appear at the port below the island in the upper part of the map.
  • 4 more Navy SEALs and 4 Riot Troopers will be given when the Voyager Transports arrive.
  • 2 Engineers will be paradropped when approaching the two Tech Oil Derricks on the bottom left.
  • Some enemy units including one Kuznetsov Dreadnought, part of Typhoon Attack Sub and an enemy Horizon Destroyer will be removed.
  • 3 Rhino Tanks next to the Psychic Beacon will be removed.
  • Less amount of paradrops including Conscripts, Flak Troopers and Tesla Troopers will appear than on other difficulties.


  • Starting credits: 6000
  • Countdown before Psychic Beacon activates: 40 minutes
  • The enemy AI attack intensity in later phase of mission is in medium state.
  • More civilian buildings will be garrisoned by enemy than on Casual difficulty.
  • 1 money crate and a firepower crate will appear at the port below the island in the upper part of the map.
  • 1 Engineer will be paradropped when approaching the two Tech Oil Derricks on the bottom left.


  • Starting credits: 4000
  • Countdown before Psychic Beacon activates: 30 minutes
  • The enemy AI attack intensity in later phase of mission is the heaviest.
  • 4 Desolators will guard the Psychic Beacon.
  • 4 EMP Mines will be present next to the Tech Power Plant at bottom left of map.
  • More civilian buildings will be garrisoned by enemy than on Casual and Normal difficulties.
  • The Allied Barracks and Pillbox located at top border of map will be replaced by a tent building with 4 GIs and 4 Guardian GIs.
  • 1 Engineer will be paradropped when approaching the two Tech Oil Derricks on the bottom left.
  • 3 less Engineers will be given among the reinforcement arriving from the bottom right after capturing the Psychic Beacon.

Easter egg


There is a landing zone located at the top middle of the map. It is barricaded by Hedgehogs and guarded by two Typhoon Attack Subs. If the player clears them out and sends a unit to the landing zone, they will be rewarded with a reinforcement paradrop consisting of Navy SEALs, Riot Troopers and Bulldog Tanks.


  • This mission is based on Big Apple, the third Soviet mission in Red Alert 2. Instead of the Soviets occupying the city and building/defending a Psychic Beacon, the Allies have to retake the city and capture the said Psychic Beacon.
  • The location marked in the loading image of this mission is not accurate, which is more closer to the Washington D.C. The actual location of New York City is on its northeast.