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Backwarp is a support power available for the Allies from their Experimental Warpshop once a Tech Center is built. It uses chrono technology to undo the damage suffered by the affected units, essentially restoring their health. Backwarp lasts 5 instances before completion.

While Backwarp is also capable of removing EMP from the affected units, it is unable to remove Terror Drones; because the drone is inside the vehicle, it has to be removed by repair vehicles. But Backwarp can drive the drone out of the parasitic unit.

AI behavior

The AI will use Backwarp at the center of their own base (near their Construction Yard), which results in inefficient use of the support power.


Act Two

  • The Backwarp is first usable in the campaign in Bottleneck. In this mission, Convergence (except the period when commanding Norio) , the first phase of Parasomnia and the first phase of Withershins (except on Mental difficulty), Backwarp can be activated without the need of a Experimental Warpshop.
  • In Reality Check, a crate that allows Libra to use a 1-time Backwarp is present next to an Allied Cargo Plane wreckage on the path to the ex-Epsilon base in the first phase (doesn't appear on Mental difficulty). Backwarp is also used by Norio during the final boss battle when he's at 50% health.

Behind the scenes

  • In 3.0 Backwarp was only a one-time use and therefore it healed less damage in a smaller area but it was available earlier as it only required a Tech Center.
  • The Backwarp healed all damage done to units, regardless of their hit points and armor levels, in older builds of Mental Omega.