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Decades in the making, finally, Yuri's vision of the world is nearly complete. With the Proselyte's guidance, the Creation has matured. There is only but one direct threat to Yuri's Tower left, and the weapon against it is in the hands of Epsilon. The final stage of the race against time itself begins.
—Mission description

Operation: Babel is the twelfth and final Epsilon Act Two campaign mission.


Yuri's Message: "If you've received this message, it means I'm dead. To carry my psychic legacy, you must know the truth and this is the only truth I can give you now. Decades ago, I whispered words of persuasion as an Adviser to Stalin, fueling his drive for world domination, while in the conquered nations my own PsiCorps searched for more of us, those gifted with terrific powers. Having lost grasp on the world, I've been forced back into hiding by the Allies until their influence has weakened and a puppet premier has been appointed. I managed to make my way back into the Kremlin and continued my search, gathering subjects from all around the world. Our powers kept growing, but eventually I realized it was all futile; with all my knowledge I could not understand the reason why we came to be. For years I've worked persistently to further my research and my own capabilities, but my mind was not enough - I couldn't learn the truth alone.

Then, the impossible happened, and I understood. With the minds of the entire world to command, and all of its knowledge to conquer, I would be able to.

The technology works, Libra is a living proof of that - the prototype hivemind I created from and by connecting the psychics I managed to find, channeling and reinforcing their powers. That's why for every psychic killed, she lives through a death, which turned her unstable. But death is inevitable and the hivemind must learn to suffer through it. With her experiences, she will make the foundation of this psychic network and once the Mental Omega Device is activated, Libra will learn and speak all the words of the world - if she can handle them, that is.

And if she does, I hope you reach the truth in my stead, Proselyte."


The Chase

Libra descends at the Southern Cross regiment's base with an Omega Storm unleashing

As Rahn and the Epsilon Headquarters taskforce sent to defend the Mental Omega Device arrived from the Southern Cross regiment's rear, Libra herself made a dynamic entry into their base via a paradrop and ravaged their base with an Omega Storm, destroying a large portion of it in the process. Unprepared for their arrival and completely caught off-guard by the female commando's devastating potential, the European Alliance's elite force was decimated in a matter of minutes - supported by the greatly enhanced Libra herself, the Headquarters armored division pushed west of their starting position and mopped up the remains before Rahn authorized an establishment of an outpost from where their initial adversary's base once stood.

Though the Headquarters forces accompanying Libra weren't spared from heavy casualties, the damage was done. The Allies' northern front had completely fallen, allowing the Epsilon to shift their main focus towards the south as they rapidly dug into their positions and began bringing more forces into the area.

The loss of the Southern Cross regiment did not dissuade the Allies as they continued to intensify their attacks via chronoshifted reinforcements and support from the Pacific Front's Boomerang regiment. The Proselyte was advised to get Libra to the Mental Omega Device as soon as possible - the urgency became even more apparent when the last Mental Dynamo was destroyed and the Tower itself was no longer invincible. The deactivation of the barriers for the massive construction and the Ganzir Defenders protecting it gave the Allies the cue to throw even more airstrikes at it, though they suffered heavy casualties doing so.

Knowing that the Tower was durable but not indestructible without the psychic shielding protecting it, Libra continued slaughtering anyone that dared to stand between her and the device that would make Yuri's vision a reality. After many bloody skirmishes, she reached the foot of the Mental Omega Device and wasted no time entering it. Now it was only a matter of time before it could be fully charged and bring the entire world under 'one mind'.

The Defense

The Nexus

The Stalemate

The Weapon

One of Paradox Conductors that stores inside the Pocket Dimension of the Paradox Engine

The Giant

Libra uses her power to stop the Paradox Engine at all costs

The Truth


Despite the setbacks, all has transpired according to Yuri's vision - at last the entire world shall speak the common language, and all of its knowledge will be within our reach. Now you have everything you need to continue his legacy, Proselyte. The end is the beginning.
—Battlefield report

Yuri's vision is achieved. As the Tower reactivated thanks to Libra, it began to slowly mind control everyone that isn't aligned to the Epsilon cause. Across the globe, the still remaining Soviet and Allied forces make their last stand which either they perish or succumb to the effects. However not all can handle the effects of the mind control caused by the Tower and likely perished, it is also noted that there are still people who are highly resistant to it forcing Epsilon to hunt these individuals down and sent them to the Grinder along with other "failures" within Epsilon's own ranks. With that, the Proselyte succeeded his master and continue Yuri's legacy.

Unfortunately for them, one group did managed to avoid such fate and due to a certain device made themselves isolated from the rest of the world. Elsewhere in Africa, Malver continues his mission as he kills Epsilon Soldiers left and right.

Along with it, the Proselyte hears a whisper who apologize to them and saying that she unable to bear it anymore and wants to rest.

The successful activation of the Mental Omega Device did not fully secure the Epsilon's victory just yet, for there was still resistance gathering in Alaska. Not content with anyone daring to oppose their rule, they immediately sent a huge army of their forces and their endless legions of mind-controlled slaves to destroy the last bastion of the free world that could potentially threaten them in the distant future...

Difficulty changes




Easter eggs

  • If the player does not use any of Libra's abilities (Omega Blast and Omega Storm) during Stage 1 of the mission, they will be commended for their tactical ingenuity once she is safely brought to the Mental Omega Device.
  • In Stage 5, there are 7 Control Panels with the color of Red, Yellow, Green, White, Cyan, Blue, Purple at the upper right corner of the map. And there are four places on the map with patterns of 1, 2, 4 and 8 respectively, each number has a corresponding light color. You need to hack each control panel in the order of representative colors of number 1 to 15.
    • For example, If 1 is Red, 2 is Green, 4 is Blue, 8 is Red,
      and Yellow=Red+Green, Purple=Red+Blue, Cyan=Green+Blue, White=Red+Green+Blue,
      so we have 1=R, 2=G, 3=1+2=R+G=Y, 4=B,
      5=1+4=R+B=P, 6=2+4=G+B=C, 7=1+2+4=R+G+B=W, 8=R, ..., 15=1+2+4+8=R+G+B+R=W.
      So we should hack into the control panels in the following order: RGYBPCWR...W (...)
  • If these requirements are met, up to four elite Salamanders will be a part of the last defending forces during the Allies' final gambit to destroy the Mental Omega Device. They are not controllable by the player however.


  • The mission's name refers to the biblical Tower of Babel, which refers to the Mental Omega Device.
  • This mission was known as Migdal Bavel in early development, which is Hebrew for the Tower of Babel.
  • This mission, along with Hamartia, are the only missions where the battles are synchronized with each other.
    • As a result, enemy attacks by the Allied Commander during Stage IV attempt to mimic usual Allied player strategies, such as using mass Thors or Warhawks.
  • The music played during the mission loading screen is The Illitari by Black Ice 9, who composed the Epsilon soundtrack.
  • The music played during Stage VI is Mind March by pd, which was originally used as the main menu music for version 3.0.
  • The opening cutscene is a reference to a similar cutscene in the Starcraft II: Legacy of the Void mission Amon's Fall, as both missions involve a powerful female psychic at their maximum potential.
  • The last sentence of the ending briefing, "The end is the beginning", is a reference to Kane's speech in the Nod ending of Tiberian Sun.