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The Atomheart is China's technology center which unlocks the best of their units and structures. Towering in prices, the Atomheart has a nuclear reactor of its own, which causes it to release a minor explosion and radiation when destroyed.

Official description

The Chinese Atomheart is the key structure that allows a Chinese commander to utilize the advanced EMP and nuclear technologies on the battlefield. These two, supported with Yunru's signature earthquake-generating missile called the Wallbuster, give the Chinese the upper hand over their enemies in the harsh battle conditions. If the Atomheart is built, you can be sure that enemy formations will be disrupted with the use of EMP, while the radiation and all nuclear weapons will finish them off, proving that China exceeds in raw firepower.

To make the advanced research possible, the Atomheart has a small nuclear reactor of its own.[note 1] When destroyed, it will explode similarly to the Nuclear Reactor, albeit less violently.[1]


Other than unlocking China's entire EMP, seismic and nuclear arsenal, the Atomheart provides the following support powers:

Support power Description
An unnatural but lethal method of eliminating infantry and other ground threats, the Chinese are able to immediately surround their impenetrable "Great Wall" of war machines with a radioactive aura temporarily. It has no price at all but needs 6:00 to recharge.
A formidable example of seismic technology, the Chinese can break through the opposition's defenses with the Wallbuster missile launched from the Atomheart itself. The Wallbuster is true to its name, as it is able to destroy stationary defenses and walls instantly once it has impacted. The Wallbuster costs $1000 and takes 8:00 (9:00 in Fortress) to recharge.

Like other Soviet labs, the Atomheart must be protected by its owner, whether from destruction or infiltration, that would otherwise prevent the Chinese general from gaining the upper hand with Tier 3 units. In addition, unlike other factions, the Soviets only need a single technology expander (the Atomheart being one of them) to unlock Tier 3, but it requires a large amount of money to construct (in fact, all Soviet labs cost the same as offensive superweapons).

In Infantry Only, an improved Atomheart replaces the Palace. It grants access to Volkov and Chitzkoi, as well as the Overcharge and Wallbuster support powers.


Act One

Act Two

  • In Heartwork, after the first Nanocentrifuge destroyed, 2 Saboteurs are sent to infiltrate an Atomheart in order to locate the remaining Nanocentrifuges in this area.


  • In Technologic, Tanya and her squad are required to destroy an Atomheart, which conducts nuclear technology research and development in the European battlefield.
  • In Cyberanatomy, Reznov and Krukov's team gain intels about the Chinese research facilities in Xinjiang by infiltrating an Atomheart with a Saboteur.
  • In Metaphor, Rahn is required to get close enough to an Atomheart, so that he could plant a device on it and extract data from it.
  • In Research Stroke, two Atomhearts and two Kanegawa Laboratories are the targets to be destroyed by the two proselytes.

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  1. Since the power consumption of Atomheart is adjusted in version 3.3.4 to be the same as the other two Soviet labs, this small reactor is actually useless now.


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