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Argent Crusade is a standard two-player multiplayer map, with support for Assault and Capture gamemodes.


Argent Crusade is a large snowy city map with many garrisonable buildings, defences and Tech structures.

The map is diagonally symmetric with each start location in a large open area to the far middle right or far middle left. To the north and south are Oil Derricks and large ore patches with two ore drills each. Further to the N/S is a Tech Power Plant. Clockwise to the S/N are many garrisonable buildings, a Tech Hospital and Oil Derrick amidst them. Far to the S/N is an upwards ramp to a small area with a Tech Airfield. Clockwise W/E is a Tech Expansion Post on a shoreline that leads in the direction of the opponent's side of the map. Flanking it are two small ore patches with ore drills. Slightly to the NW/SE is a junction; one road follows the shoreline to the W/E, the other goes NW/SE to the raised cross-shaped area that forms the map centre. Further NW/SE is an Oil Derrick in the middle of a water feature surrounded by garrisonable buildings. Further again to the NW/SE, passing over an arm of the central "cross", is a small reservoir with an island in the centre. The island is accessible by a destroyable bridge on the NE/SW side and contains another Expansion Post and a mixed ore and gem patch with two ore drills. To the NE/SW of the bridge are several more garrisonable buildings and a Tech Machine Shop at the map edge.

The central map "cross" can be accessed by four ramps: one to the SE and NW near the S/N coastal Expansion Post, and one to the NE and SW between the starting location and the reservoir bridge. Each arm of the cross has a Tech Concrete Bunker and a Tech defence structure at its end; Tech Cannon Bunkers for the NW and SE sides, and Tech SAM Bunkers for the NE and SW sides. Each arm forms a thoroughfare leading to a central square containing a Tech Concrete Fortress.

Tech buildings


The vast number of garrisons and Tech defenses can slow the map down severely; however, this is compensated for with the large amounts of ore available and easy access to the Tech Airfield. Expect many siege units, jets, and paradrops.

Taking the island Expansion Posts will provide access to some gems, but beware that doing so without controlling the raised map centre will leave it liable to be sieged from above, and the islands are largely indefensible without an air or amphibious armada.