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Arden River is a scrapped two-player standard multiplayer map that has been removed in version 3.3.5.


Arden River is a map comprised of a ring of land around a large river/lake crossed by two pairs of bridges.

The map is diagonally symmetric with each start location at the middle left, or middle right. To the N/S of each start location is a medium ore patch with ore drill. To the S/N is a smaller mixed ore and gem patch. Further to the S/N, around the bend of the central lake, is a Tech Cannon Bunker. To the NE/SW of the start location are a pair of medium ore patches with ore drills, an Oil Derrick, and a pair of highways leading into two bridges crossing the lake to a central island. The near bridge is intact and has repair huts at either end; the far bridge is broken and has a repair hut on the island only. The central island contains a Tech Machine Shop. Further along the coastline to the NE/SW is a garrisonable lighthouse and a downwards ramp to a small section of lake shore that is covered in gems.

Tech buildings


Due to the slightly asymmetric nature of this map (the east side has more land than the west), it favours start location 1 over start location 2 due to the much shorter travel distances.

Naval control is a powerful source of inevitability on this map due to the chokepoints at the NE/SW corners that coincide with the positions of the garrisons and Cannon Bunkers, which can make advancing with land armies troublesome. Naval control also allows one to deny the opponent the gem patches on the beaches and the Machine Shop in the centre.