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Bring me wine - oh, I mean... Yes, sir!
- An Archon AMC driver failed to be lazy
The Archon AMC is a versatile multipurpose combat support vehicle used by the European Alliance, much like the American Stryker IFV but a little tougher and slower.

Official description

The Archon Armored Multirole Carrier is a derivative of the original Stryker model used by the United States, designed for more intense combat situations. Now equipped with heavier armor, the Archon is the most durable of IFVs, making it a viable defense option. The additional weight, however, does render it slower than its American cousin, making it less suitable for quick assaults.[1]


The Archon AMC functions as an anti-aircraft, troop carrying and multipurpose combat support vehicle for the European Alliance. Compared to its counterparts, it favors armor over speed, making it more suitable for defensive tactics and infantry protection. One of the primary reasons for using the AMC is due to its Adaptation System as a multipurpose combat support unit. It is extremely versatile and capable of performing a variety of roles, such as vehicle repair, anti-infantry or anti-structure, depending on the loaded infantry unit within.

Loading an Engineer converts the Archon AMC into a mobile repair vehicle, enabling quick field repairs and effectively counters Terror Drones. Multiple Engineer-loaded AMCs can stack their repair effects, restoring the health of friendly vehicles with incredible speed, allowing the unit-under-repair to withstand huge amounts of damage. AMCs are unable to repair aircraft however.

The Sniper-AMC combo is a viable long ranged anti-infantry option. It grants Snipers much needed protection from anti-personnel fire that would normally kill them. It also enhances the mobility and rate of fire of a Sniper. Other useful combinations include Siege Cadres and Navy SEALS. Such infantry would benefit from the extra protection, and to a lesser extent, the extra mobility.


Statistics of each configuration (like damage and rate of fire) can be found in their respective armament sections.

Infantry Armament Picture
Default "Mist" missiles
Archon 00 HoverMissile
Repair beam
Archon 01 RepairBullet
Machine gun
  • Ineffective against vehicles
Archon 02 CRM60
Crazy Ivan Ivan Bomb launcher
  • Attaches Ivan Bomb to target
Archon 03 FVIvanBomber
Sub-machine gun
  • Ineffective against heavy vehicles
Archon 04 CRMP5
Sniper rifle
Archon 05 CRAWP
Tesla Trooper Dual Tesla Coils
  • Temporarily disables vehicles
Archon 06 CRElectricBolt
Pyro Flamethrower
Archon 07 FVFlamethrower
Psychic blasts
Archon 08 CRMindBlast
Rad cannon
Archon 09 CRRadBeamWeapon
Chrono Legionnaire Temporal displacement device
Archon 10 CRNeutronRifle
Riot Trooper Flash grenades
  • Clears garrisoned structures
Archon 11 FVRiotGrenade
Siege Cadre Prism rifle
Archon 12 CREnforcerGun
Dunerider Toxic grenades
Archon 13 FVHoverGrenade
Clairvoyant Stun beam
Archon 14 ClairIFVWeb
Tanya Laser gun
Archon 15 FVTanyaLaser
Guardian GI "Seeker" missiles
  • Ineffective against infantry
Archon 16 CRMissileLauncher
Bloatick Toxic warhead
  • Detonates on attack
  • Releases poison clouds on detonation
Archon 17 FVSpiderBomb
Duplicant Nanoid warhead
  • Detonates on attack
  • Infantry killed turns into Duplicants
  • Does not heal Foehn infantry
    • Ground attack: 300
    • Cooldown: N/A (suicide attack)
    • Range: 1.73, radius 2.6
Archon 18 FVDuplicantAttack
Virus Virus sniper rifle
Archon 19 FVVirusgun
Field Medic Heal bullets
Archon 20 HealBullet
Archer Long bow with AROs
Archon 21 FVLongbow
Initiate Psychic jab
Archon 24 CRPsychicJab
Suppressor Negation Field
Archon 25 FVSuppressorBomb
Explosive warhead
  • Detonates on attack
  • Does not create radiation as in the vanilla Red Alert 2
Archon 26 FVPilotBomb
Mortar Quad Mortar
Archon 27 FVQuadMortar
Flak Trooper Flak cannon
  • Can only attack air targets
  • Very effective
Archon 28 FVFlakWeapon
Brute "Jagdpanther" cannon
  • More effective against infantry than regular tank cannons
Archon 29 FVTankCannon
Stalker Imploder
  • Cannot target infantry
Archon 30 FVStalkerGrenade
Arsonist Napalm charges
  • Attaches napalm charges to buildings
Archon 31 FVArsonistWeapon
Morales Incendiary sniper rifle
  • Deals damage in a line
  • Depilots Tier 1 and Tier 2 vehicles
Archon 32 FVSuperSniper
Malver Kinetic blade
  • Effective against infantry and vehicles
  • Cannot target buildings
Archon 33 FVUnderBlade
Libra Custom explosive darts
  • Effective against all targets
    • Ground and air attack: 132 * 3 (396 total); 185 * 3 (555 total) when elite
    • Range: 10.5
    • Cooldown: 80 frames (5.3 in-game seconds)
Archon 34 FVPsychicDarts
Libra Clones Fake custom explosive darts
  • Deals less damage than the real version
    • Ground and air attack: 16 * 3 (48 total)
    • Range: 10.5
    • Cooldown: 80 frames (5.3 in-game seconds)
Archon 35 FVFakeDarts
Volkov Chain lightning Tesla cannon
  • Cannot target buildings
Archon 36 FVVolkovBolt
Yunru Immobilizer
Archon 37 FVYunruEMP
Rahn "Terranova" beam
Archon 38 MutationRailgun


Act One

  • Archon AMC first appears as European enemy in Accelerant.
  • Archon AMC is introduced as a controllable unit in Wrong Side, after the player reaches the Field Bureau. It becomes buildable in the next mission Zero Signal.


  • Decent against infantry, light vehicles and aircraft.
  • Versatile unit due to a variety of configurations and quick weapon switches.
  • Multiple Engineer-loaded AMCs can repair friendly vehicles at an incredible rate.
  • Good escorts for fellow Allied vehicles with a mix of loaded and unloaded AMCs in different configurations.
  • Improves the mobility and weapons of on-board infantry.
  • More durable than Strykers and Tsurugis.

  • Fragile and easy to kill.
  • Vulnerable against anti-armor threats and aircraft.
  • Default weapon is not very effective against armored tanks and structures.
  • Micro intensive.
  • Low survivability passenger rate.
  • Cannot crush infantry.


  • Archon is a Greek word meaning "ruler", often used as the title of a public office.
  • Azri_Apoc is credited as the voxel artist for Archon AMC.

See also


  1. Allied Units page on the official Mental Omega website