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Ten years before the new war, as the moods of Russian people are changing unfavorably for the Allies still residing in Russia's territories after Stalin's defeat, two skilled soldiers arrive at the site of American laboratories in Ukraine, where its habitants begin to abandon the area.
—Mission description

Operation: Archetype is a Soviet Special Operations and the prequel campaign mission.


Twenty years have passed since the end of the Second Great War. In this time, the Soviet Union, crippled and downtrodden, has slowly been making strides to bring itself back onto the world stage. We don't know how much longer it'll take, but when it does we shall spark a most glorious revolution across the globe. However, the time for that will come later, after we've rebuilt our military. And to do that, we need to take back the technology that we've lost. There is a lot of work to be done over the next years. We need weapons, and alliances.

When the Allies emerged victorious, they stripped us of all our military assets and left us with just enough to defend our borders. Among them was our cybernetic research. We thought it would be lost to us forever, especially after Volkov went berserk and we were forced to destroy him in Spain during the war, however, we've discovered the Allies have kept records of all our research in one of their bases in Eastern Ukraine. With tensions growing between the Soviet people and the Allied occupation forces, they appear to be preparing to leave the eastern territories and ship everything out of their bases. If this happens, we'll lose our chance to recover our tech, and who knows what the Allies could use it for. So, we'll be sending in two of our finest soldiers; Boris and Morales. You will lead them on this operation, but we cannot afford being detected, so this operation will be conducted in the dead of night. Be careful Comrade, there's no telling what dangers could be lurking in the dark.

Objective 1: Find and infiltrate the Soviet Tech Center.

Objective 2: Get the acquired goods to the specified location.


Finding the tech center

Shortly after their deployment, Boris and Morales made quick work of enemy G.I.s and Rangers. Morales scouted ahead using the Guard Towers in the area while Boris was dealing with enemy Heavy Tanks and infantry, clearing the way for Morales. Since they don't know where the old technology center was, Boris and Morales could only walk around, killing the Attack Dogs that chased them, Rangers and Snipers while exploring the location of the Tech Center, with frequently hiding inside the Guard Towers to avoid the alert of a drone prototype that based on Chitzkoi's design, as the two heard of the warning.

When arriving at the Tech Center, Boris and Morales found that it was heavily protected by old Flame Towers and Tesla Coils from several directions, though Morales made quick work of them by shooting the barrels that the towers were using as ammunition.

Escaping with the "goods"

After securing the area from all infantry and tanks surrounding it, Morales and Boris waited for the drone prototype to reach the center and then go the other way around. Morales entered the Tech Center and then got into the Kamaz truck containing the cybernetic bodies of Russia's previous heroes before driving out of the facility.

At this time, the Allies deployed everywhere suddenly rioted, started to kill each other for unknown reasons, and caused most of the old defenses and the drone prototype to be destroyed. Despite this, the Allies would still fire at Boris, as well as Morales who drove the Kamaz. The Allies' large number of dogs began to be more sensitive to the two's actions, caused Morales' retreat work to complete in a close call.

Boris followed ahead of the truck, securing the path to a safe area nearby and prevent it from being attacked from the turmoiling Allies. Shortly after the Kamaz truck made its escape, Boris secured the extraction point to make sure nobody would chase Morales, then followed the Kamaz, away from the Snipers' chasing.


The new generation of Soviet heroes, Boris and Morales, have recovered the bodies of the old ones - the cybernetic man Volkov and his dog Chitzkoi. If we can bring them back to life, we will be one step closer to our revenge on the Allies. Victory will be ours.
—Battlefield report

Confused and troubled, the Allies did not know who was behind the heist, nor did they not know their motives, They only knew the revelation when the Euro Alliance base in Paris was destroyed by Volkov and Chitzkoi.

Over the, said, course of ten years, the Allied Nations would lose contact with their intelligence network in Asia. Their troops would be pulled out of Russia entirely while the Soviet rearmament would be complete. Along with their asset, the newly created PsiCorps, they would show the Allies that they are not invincible and to show the world of the 'great revolution'.

Difficulty changes


  • Boris and Morales start with 625 HP.
  • The Allies will paradrop 4 Snipers when the Terror Drone prototype is destroyed.
  • The location of the Soviet Tech Center will be revealed from the start.


  • Boris and Morales start with 500 HP.
  • The Allies will paradrop 4 Snipers when the Terror Drone prototype is destroyed.


  • Boris and Morales start with 400 HP.
  • The Allies will paradrop 3 Snipers when the Terror Drone prototype is destroyed, plus an extra one that directly chases Boris and Morales instead of patroling.
  • Extra paradrops will come after the player in the final evacuation stage.

Easter egg

  • Three Crates, consisting of firepower upgrade, armor upgrade and full heal, can be found on the top right corner of the map.


  • The mission uses two unique music during gameplay:
  • Oddly enough, there are grey-colored PsiCorps Troopers (which were only identified as Enemy Infantry) around the map. They are the cause of the commotion around the Allied base once Morales and Boris has completed the first objective. The troopers and their mind control victims will only attack Allied forces.
  • This is the only mission where Fog of War is enabled, which covers already explored areas with shroud after some time.