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When selected

  • On the quick draw!
  • Eyes of an eagle.
  • I always hit the mark.
  • You have my bow.
  • Guns? Too modern to my taste.

When ordered to move

When ordered to attack ground targets

  • I can see it.
  • They underestimate me.
  • I ain't got all day.
  • Another one.
  • That's right, sucker.

When ordered to attack air targets

  • A pretty butterfly!
  • You think you're safe up there?
  • I will take you down.

When under fire

  • It just bounces off them!
  • What armor is this?!
  • Mother!
  • Oh, that's just classic!


The Harpoon uses the voice set of Sammy Stallion.

When selected

  • Yo!
  • I'm their worst nightmare.
  • Ready for round one.

When ordered to move

  • I'm going the distance.
  • Yo, I'm there!
  • Fancy footwork.
  • You know it.
  • Alright, sounds like a plan.

When ordered to attack

  • You ain't so bad.
  • You want war? You got it!
  • Did you bring body bags?
  • You ain't nothing!
  • You're the disease and I'm the cure!

Under fire

  • They hittin' pretty hard
  • This ain't looking so good!
  • Hey yo, how 'bout some help here?