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I'm your worst nightmare.

In version 1.2 and the 2.x series, the Harpoon is the anti-air infantry of the PsiCorps / Epsilon Empire.

Official description


Epsilon strategists did indeed notice what lacks in their army during the first assault over America and the Soviet Union. Not only didn't they own a transport unit or decent navy, they even didn't have an anti-air trooper. Thus, the Harpoon is what Yuri gifted his troop battalions with - basing on similar mutations like ones done in Brutes, Harpoon differs in intelligence level and natural powers. Unlike the Brute, the Harpoon knows how to act with a gun but still he only knows that he has to kill enemies with it. And that gun is nowhere near being primitive - it is miniaturised version of gattling[sic] cannon used in stationary defenses and tanks, though it does not speed up due to lack of some special machinery and equipment which can be noticed in more advanced designs of this weapon. An impressive feature is that Harpoon has this gattling[sic] gun instead of his right arm! A killing manmachine![1]


PsiCorps had a weakness in their infantry battalions, as none of their soldiers could attack air units so they were quickly eliminated by aircraft. Yuri decided to create a soldier who would be able to protect them from aerial assault. While the weapon was ready, as PsiCorps have a lot of gattling[sic] cannons, but still there was no good soldier who would use it wisely. Thus, Yuri has restored project of their old basic soldier - Harpoon, mutant soldier who has only one thing on mind - killing. Just after Yuri gave guns to them, they quickly ran to the nearest Allied outpost and after a few minutes nothing was left from it. Harpoons can be excellent soldiers not only against air units, but also against infantry and units, especially in large groups.[2]


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