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Guns? Too modern to my taste.

The Archer is the basic anti-armor and anti-air infantry of the Epsilon Army. While their weapons – compound bows – are rather archaic in this modern age, the ARO projectiles they fire are very effective against vehicles and aircraft.

Official description

Epsilon Archers are genetically modified humans with drastically increased muscle mass in their arms and increased cognitive perception, allowing them to wield high-tech bows firing reactive projectiles known as Armor Rupturing Objects with deadly speed and incredible precision. Despite its primitive appearance, the Archer has proven to be more than a match for enemy vehicles and aircraft, to the surprise of their foes.[1]


Archers form the basic ranks of Epsilon's standard anti-armor and anti-aircraft infantry divisions. Despite the anachronistic nature of their issued weapons, they are nonetheless an important component of any infantry force since they are Epsilon's only infantry unit that can respond to air threats, aside from PsiCorps' hero unit.

These troops form a middle ground between its other equivalents (the Flak Trooper, Guardian GI, and Lancer) - the Archer has more firepower than the Flak Trooper but is overall weaker when compared to the Guardian GI. While it is inferior to the Lancer in almost every aspect, it does retain an advantage by being able to attack aircraft.

In order to circumvent their fragility, they can garrison civilian structures. Do note they cannot fire on aircraft while doing so.

Archers should stay far away from units with anti-personnel weapons (anti-infantry specialists in particular), as massive casualties will be the likely outcome. Their weapons are not effective against infantry either.


Archers can launch precise and explosive projectiles against vehicles and aircraft alike.
—Epsilon intel during Operation: The Conqueror

Act Two

  • Archers first appear in The Conqueror. They are trainable from the new Epsilon Barracks, and the Scorpion Cell ally can train them from their Soviet Barracks.


  • Decent price ($250).
  • Effective against armored units and aircraft.
  • Longest attack range of all basic anti-armor infantry.
  • Powerful in sheer numbers.
  • Can destroy walls.
  • Can garrison buildings to greatly improve fighting power and survivability.
  • Ineffective against infantry.
  • Easily countered by anti-infantry weapons.
  • Can be crushed by most tanks.
  • Cannot attack aircraft while garrisoned.

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