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The turtle always wins.
—An Archelon driver explaining his strategy

The Archelon is a Foehn stolen tech unit acquired by infiltrating an Epsilon Pandora Hub and Construction Yard.

A stealthy yet surprisingly amphibious tank, the Archelon boasts superior armor plating, highly resistant to standard tank cannon shells, allowing it to emerge mostly unscathed when facing hordes of enemy tanks.

The Archelon is a bane to infantry, especially Epsilon's, as its main weapon creates nanoclouds like that of the Huntresses' nanoid gun which heals Foehn infantry by generating healing clouds from anything that's left of the unfortunate enemy infantry devoured by nanites.

Official description

With limited access to the Epsilon's psychic illusion technology, the antithesis to the Shadow Tank has been created in secret by the Foehn scientists: a tank, cloaked, but extremely tough and difficult to break with standard weaponry, and to make things more troublesome for its opponents, amphibious. Contrary to the Shadow Tank, the Archelon's purpose is not to run away, but to withstand as much damage as it can, in case its location gets revealed. Small arms weapons do little to no damage to the Archelon, which often forces its enemies into bringing the heaviest of armor-piercing units to deal with it.

Equipped with an unprecedented weaponized nanite launcher, the Archelon can use them to disintegrate enemy infantry in a large radius, and use the materials recovered by the nanomachines to heal the Foehn troops nearby, just like the Huntress does with her weapon of smaller caliber.[1]


Considering a player can actually unlock it, the Archelon is a great ambushing unit that can remain otherwise undetected as it waits for the right time to strike. Once it does strike, it isn’t supposed to run away shortly after like the cowardly Shadow Tank; instead, it is meant to stand its ground and take as much damage as possible as reinforcements close in. While their enemies are distracted, Foehn forces can safely engage Epsilon armor divisions as they desperately try to destroy the Archelon, to little avail.

The nanoid cannon it shares with the Huntress allows the Archelon to purge through scores of infantry, making it a viable tool to use against infantry spam. In addition, allied Foehn infantry can reap the benefits of their fallen foes as they can enter the clouds of nanoids to heal themselves.

Epsilon has ways of dealing with them, however. Since they are vulnerable to being detected at anytime, large numbers of tanks, Dybbuk-Attacker strikes, and long range siege units can prove to eventually be too much for an Archelon to handle. Just because it is not listed in the pro-cons section does not mean that they cannot be hijacked, either, which can shut down a surprise assault rather quickly.




  • Incredibly durable.
  • Very resistant to standard tank weapons.
  • Decimates enemy infantry, good counter to infantry spam.
  • Can create healing clouds when killing enemy infantry, allowing Foehn infantry to heal in these clouds.
  • Amphibious, and remains afloat even when struck with EMP.
  • Can crush infantry.
  • Immune to omnicrush and mind control.
  • Automatically repairs itself.
  • Can detect submerged and cloaked units.
  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Late game unit, only available after infiltrating an Epsilon Pandora Hub.
  • Can only fire at infantry.
  • Rather slow.
  • Short weapon range.
  • Weak against stealth detection.
  • Revealed when open fire.


  • Archelon is an extinct genus of sea turtles that lived during the late Cretaceous era and is one of the largest sea turtles ever known.

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