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The Antares Battery is a long-range defense structure used by the Epsilon.

Official description

Epsilon's most advanced defense system, the Antares Battery, uses a simpler but more intense version of the Inferno Tower's weapon. Instead of utilizing conventional high-temperature values, the Antares uses concentrated thermal energy to the max to annihilate groups of units at once. Its construction prevents close-range fire, making it an Achilles heel in its design.[1]


The Antares Battery's main advantage over the other Epsilon defenses is its long range, and combined with its large hit points and lack of charging time (unlike the Inferno Tower), it is an excellent defense to construct in the late game. The Antares is also capable of splash damage like the Inferno Tower, that can render vehicle and infantry spam a suicidal attempt by the opposition. Only a few artillery units can fire at it without retaliation and if the Antares has the high ground, it becomes difficult for enemies to approach the Epsilon base without bursting into flames.

Like its equivalents however, it suffers from a minimum range that can be exploited by nearby enemies who can get close enough with speed, though this weakness can be negated by nearby Epsilon defenses.


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  • Antares, also known as Alpha Scorpii, is the brightest star in the Scorpius constellation and one of the brightest stars in the night sky.

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