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Amazonas Delta is a two-player standard multiplayer map.


Amazonas Delta is a small map reminiscent of the Dune Patrol tradition with a few additions shifting the map on a more defensive bent.

The map is vertically symmetric with each player's starting position on either side of the map, vertically central. Nearby are two large ore patches with drills to the north and south, a small ore patch without a drill towards the centre of the map, and a small gem patch with a drill southwards of that patch. Each player has access to an Oil Derrick at the top corner of their side of the map.

The centre of the map is composed of four large lakes separated by thin paths. South of these lakes are three garrisonable huts protecting the heavily wooded area that covers the bottom of the map. To the north of the lakes is a ramp to a raised cliff containing the titular river delta, with three thin shallows for land units to cross. Additional ramps provide access to the cliff from both players' sides, the bottom of each player's ramp protected by two garrisonable huts and a large garrisonable hut.

Tech buildings


Compared to Dune Patrol, this map favours a more defensive style due to the chokepoints formed by the water and the presence of garrisons. Obviously, subfactions with many amphibious and long-ranged units will find themselves at an advantage.

An army camped on the cliff will be difficult to interact with and will easily deal with the garrison huts below, especially if it's backed up with a responsive air force. However, it might have trouble manoeuvring when squeezed through the tiny shallows that are the only path over the delta's streams.

If a sneak attack is preferable, it's possible to get units past the bottom-most hut without being shot at by the garrison by sticking very close to the edge of the map.

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