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The Naval Shipyard is where the Allied navy are assembled and maintained. It can also use sonar pulses to reveal enemy submarines.

Official description

A must on any battlefield with large bodies of water. The Allied Naval Shipyard allows for the construction of Allied ships. It also allows a commander to use a sonar pulse to detect submerged vessels. The more Shipyards a commander has on the field, the faster ships are built.[1]


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The Allied Naval Shipyard permits the following support powers:

Support power Description
Ever vigilant of Soviet and Foehn submersibles and the hidden Epsilon navy, the Allies are able to reveal them in an instant whenever their presence is suspected in an area through a Sonar Pulse, making them vulnerable to surface and aerial attacks. Deploying a Sonar Pulse costs nothing but requires 6:00 to recharge.

The Allied Naval Shipyard is also responsible for constructing the following units:

Unit Description
  • Allies' amphibious transport
  • Armed with twin rocket launchers to retaliate from harassers
  • Has 12 passenger slots
  • Allies' main assault vessel
  • Armed with a 155mm cannon against enemy ships and shoreline defenses
  • Carries an Osprey aircraft to deal with submarines with their depth charges
  • Can detect cloaked and submerged units
  • Allies' assault and reconnaissance animal
  • Armed with a Comet Prism Rifle designed to destroy enemy structures with ease
  • Can detect submerged units
  • Cloaked until attacking
  • Requires an Air Force Command Headquarters to be trained
  • Allies' dedicated anti-air vessel
  • Armed with several missile batteries that can bring down even the most resilient of aircraft in seconds
  • Requires an Air Force Command Headquarters to be built
  • Allies' siege capital ship
  • Armed with 4 Hornet UAVs with explosive payloads that are effective against structures
  • Requires a Tech Center and any of the 3 Allied technology expanders to be built
  • Allies' long range anti-armor capital ship
  • Armed with heavy cannons to sink enemy fleets and even land armor divisions from afar
  • Requires a Tech Center and any of the 3 Allied technology expanders to be built


Act One

  • The Allied Naval Shipyard first appears as a buildable structure in Heaven and Hell.

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