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Digital Demon

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Suppressed repeatedly, the Pacific Front is in danger of disintegration. Before evacuating to a safer place, Norio Tomokawa attempts to help the loyalists recover some of the lost technologies from a base, where a dangerous weapon activated by the Chinese and traitor forces awaits.


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Yuri's forces have captured Cannes by using Psychic Beacons to control a United States forces regiment in the city. As several K.I. Scientists, who can benefit the Paradox Project's completion, are still in the city, the Allies try to rescue them, and learn a thing or two about their new enemy.


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As Norio Tomokawa and his task force attempt to join the counter-attack operations, an Epsilon blockade of the Panama Canal makes it impossible for them to reach the Virgin Islands. To answer the call for help, the heroes of the Allied Nations join forces together to deal with this crisis.


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While Tanya and Norio are fighting in the Amazonia, the Allies deploy another task force in Africa, in order to gather more resources for their quest. An insurgency against Yuri's Epsilon is happening in Angola, where many Oil Refineries are in the hands of PsiCorps and the Scorpion Cell.


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After losing his Tactical Nuke Silos in the Amazonas Rainforest, Yuri plans to create a makeshift rocket loaded with nuclear payloads, and launch it from a city in South America against the Paradox Engine. Alerted, the surviving American forces from San Juan quickly react to the threat.


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The end of the war is in sight, as the push of the reunited Allied Nations' forces through Yuri-controlled Antarctica continues. With a limited amount of units, they try their best to use their finest operatives to eliminate enemy positions threatening their quest. However, a mystery unfolds.