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Low Rider

Allied Co-op01 Lowrider.png

Main article: Low Rider

Defeated at the Mexico border, the Latin Confederation is deploying their forces from the sea. They had established two forward bases in Los Angeles that must be destroyed.

Good Old Times

Allied Co-op02 Goodoldtimes.png

Main article: Good Old Times

The Confederation is producing even more white phosphorus, a substance they use to enhance their new flame weapons. The Allies must destroy the factories supplying the chemical.

Impersonal War

Allied Co-op03 Impersonalwar.png

Main article: Impersonal War

The Soviets are attacking Athens, home of veteran Nikos Stavros. He asks for deployment of a taskforce in Glifada to destroy the Soviet base in Greece and retake the city.


Allied Co-op04 Enforcers.png

Main article: Enforcers

After the American bases in Africa were struck by rebels, the Soviets poisoned the water supplies of the remaining Allied forces. With what little they have, the Americans fight back.


Allied Co-op05 Technologic.png

Main article: Technologic

The Chinese research on nuclear weapons is progressing too fast and must be delayed. If they develop their equivalent of the MIDAS bomb the Allies will have no chance of fighting back.

Attack on Buggy

Allied Co-op06 Attackonbuggy.png

Main article: Attack on Buggy

The Latin Confederation has reached Europe. They brought Bomb Buggies which can destroy vital Euro Alliance positions. They must be destroyed before they reach their targets.

Blut Royale

Allied Co-op07 Blutroyale.png

Main article: Blut Royale

The evacuation of Berlin is almost complete, however the extraction of vital data is prolonging its completion. A group of brave soldiers are staying behind to face the Soviets.

Mad Monster

Allied Co-op08 Madmonster.png

Main article: Mad Monster

As the Allies fall back to England, the Soviets plan to deploy Super Apocalypses to invade the British Isles. A covert team has been assembled to hack the AI-controlled vehicles.


Allied Co-op09 Downfall.png

Main article: Downfall

A large Soviet taskforce is on its way to support the attack on the Gladius System at the English Channel. Their advance must be stopped, else the Allies might lose the battle there.

Balance of Power

Allied Co-op10 Balanceofpower.png

Main article: Balance of Power

The Soviet forces managed to capture several of the Euro Alliance Battleships and intend to use them to defeat the Allies at the English Channel. A taskforce is sent to recapture them.

Panzer Ace

Allied Co-op11 Panzerace.png

Main article: Panzer Ace

The Soviets are assembling more Stalin's Fist Mobile War Factories around Europe, rapidly increasing their reach and production. A significant group of these must be destroyed.


Allied Co-op12 Hypothermia.png

Main article: Hypothermia

After the destruction of Yuri's Nuke Silo on Virgin Islands, a group of American survivors has decided to reveal themselves and send an S.O.S. signal. The Pacific Front sends help.