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Currently, the Allied missions are divided into four types: Act One, Act Two, Special Operations and Cooperative. There are 40 released Allied missions in total, including 28 campaigns and 12 cooperative missions.

Red Dawn Rising

Allied 01 Reddawnrising.png

Main article: Red Dawn Rising

Hungering for revenge, the Soviets launch a full-scale invasion on the United States of America. The Peacekeeper network has been shut down under mysterious circumstances and the only thing stopping the Soviets is a mere ocean.

Eagle Fly Free

Allied 02 Eagleflyfree.png

Main article: Eagle Fly Free

The Allied Air Force Academy in Colorado Springs has been captured by numerous Soviet forces, crippling Allied air superiority. The Americans send in their top operative, Special Agent Tanya, to retake the campus.

Road Trippin'

Allied 03 Roadtripping.png

Main article: Road Trippin'

Latin Confederation's Jaguar Tanks are approaching from the south, pushing up through Mexico. The American armored forces are still battling Russian tank divisions, leaving the defense of the border up to a squadron of Stormchild fighters and a group of brave soldiers.

Heaven and Hell

Allied 04 Heavenandhell.png

Main article: Heaven and Hell

The Soviets have captured an American naval base in Florida as a part of their invasion plan, severely limiting Allied marine activities along the East Coast. A strike team is deployed in order to weaken the Soviets in the region and retake the harbor.

Bad Apple

Allied 05 Badapple.png

Main article: Bad Apple

Contact with the Allied troops is inexplicably lost during an attempt to reclaim New York City from the Russian forces. A special team is dispatched to investigate the situation, reestablish communication, and assist if necessary.

Beautiful Mind

Allied 06 Beautifulmind.png

Main article: Beautiful Mind

The Soviets are deploying more Psychic Beacons in order to subjugate their enemies. While trying to discover why the devices' influence is expanding, the Allies locate a structure that enhances mind control and launch a desperate attempt to destroy it.

Hammer to Fall

Allied 07 Hammertofall.png

Main article: Hammer to Fall

With the help of their Japanese allies in the Pacific Front, the Americans insert Special Agent Tanya near a base believed to be part of a uranium supply route for the Russians in order to infiltrate and destroy the mining facility on Sakhalin Island.

Wrong Side

Allied 08 Wrongside.png

Main article: Wrong Side

Using intel gathered from Sakhalin Island, the Allies have discovered the location of several Soviet ICBM launchers holding the entire world at gunpoint. The European Alliance scrambles to destroy the launchers before they can be used against them.

Zero Signal

Allied 09 Zerosignal.png

Main article: Zero Signal

In an attempt to quickly isolate the European Alliance from any outside help, the Soviets capture an old but essential communications array. Now the Allies must go head to head against the Soviets before they are overrun by the enemy forces.

The Gardener

Allied 10 TheGardener.png

Main article: The Gardener

Contact with several Japanese scientists affiliated with the Paradox Project was lost after China invaded their country. A taskforce is deployed to locate the Kanegawa Scientists and safely evacuate them before the Chinese forces find them first.

Panic Cycle

Allied 11 Paniccycle.png

Main article: Panic Cycle

Due to complications during the relocation of Japanese scientists working on the Paradox Project to Germany, the Allies have no choice but to escort the scientists to the SteinsTech Lab through the Black Forest occupied by the Russian and Chinese forces.


Allied 12 Sunlight.png

Main article: Sunlight
The Allies set up a Gladius Defense System capable of intercepting and destroying ICBMs before they impact. The Soviets launch a massive assault to destroy the system in a bid to conquer the United Kingdom once and for all.

The Mermaid

Allied 13 TheMermaid.png

Main article: The Mermaid

A disturbance in the Soviet 2-year old dominion and completion of a "chrono backpack" creates an opportunity for the Euro Alliance and Siegfried to extract Special Agent Tanya from the Soviet prison in city-turned-fortress Warsaw with a new suit.

Puppet Master

Allied 14 Puppetmaster.png

Main article: Puppet Master

Yuri returns from the dark and resumes the Psychic Amplifier project by constructing a device which threatens the safety of the London Fortress of Euro Alliance. Shortly after her recovery, Special Agent Tanya is dispatched to support the counter attack.

Stone Cold Crazy

Allied 15 Stonecoldcrazy.png

Main article: Stone Cold Crazy

Reports indicate Yuri's forces have managed to use his mind control to take over an Allied research facility run by the Soviets. The Russians have managed to complete the Allied prototype for the specialized Barracuda jet which the Allies intend to take back.

Ghost Hunt

Allied 16 Ghosthunt.png

Main article: Ghost Hunt

With the help of the Scorpion Cell and psychic illusions, Yuri constructs another Psychic Amplifier in northern Africa that may become a threat to the London Fortress. A taskforce is sent to reactivate an old US base nearby and take the device down.


Allied 17 Bottleneck.png

Main article: Bottleneck

Using a distraction to drive the Allied forces away, Yuri launched a surprise attack at the London Fortress, forcing the Allies to evacuate. Because of the Paradox Project's premature launch, the fleeing survivors have to change the course and regroup at the Isles of Scilly.


Allied 18 Hysteria.png

Main article: Hysteria

The premature launch of the expedition finally takes toll, as the key Allied device is low on power and must be fully charged before continuing its flight. A large Epsilon base full of Bio Reactors in Canary Island's Tenerife becomes a potential power source for the device.


Allied 19 Stormbringer.png

Main article: Stormbringer

A surviving Pacific Front task force in Central America sends an S.O.S. signal, requesting assistance in protecting the device they've been working on while offering access to a rich array of new technology and arsenal in return. With the Chronosphere, Siegfried's task force arrives to the rescue.


Allied 20 Paranoia.png

Main article: Paranoia

With the Paradox Engine hiding over the Atlantic, Yuri prepares a Psychic Amplifier to revert the effects of Pacific Front actions in America, steal the Weather Controller and use it to destroy the Engine. Special Agent Tanya, accompanied by an unusual ally, is chronoshifted nearby to take it out.


Allied 21 Relentless.png

Main article: Relentless

A major Epsilon naval base allows Yuri to control most of the Atlantic Ocean, posing a threat to the Paradox Engine. It also act as an important communication junction for all Epsilon forces in the world. The Allies attempt to kill two birds with one stone by launching a massive attack.


Allied 22 Insomnia.png

Main article: Insomnia

The time has come. Yuri's primary base, his largest settlement in the world, the Epsilon Headquarters, has been revealed. United, the Allied Nations begin their quest to destroy it with the use of the Paradox Engine and stop the madman's diabolical devices, before the free world is completely lost.


Main article: Withershins

This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.


Main article: Hamartia
This mission is not yet available in the current version of Mental Omega.

Digital Demon

Allied SO Digital Demon.png

Main article: Digital Demon

Suppressed repeatedly, the Pacific Front is in danger of disintegration. Before evacuating to a safer place, Norio Tomokawa attempts to help the loyalists recover some of the lost technologies from a base, where a dangerous weapon activated by the Chinese and traitor forces awaits.


Allied SO Obstinate.png

Main article: Obstinate

Yuri's forces have captured Cannes by using Psychic Beacons to control a United States forces regiment in the city. As several K.I. Scientists, who can benefit the Paradox Project's completion, are still in the city, the Allies try to rescue them, and learn a thing or two about their new enemy.


Allied SO Convergence.png

Main article: Convergence

As Norio Tomokawa and his task force attempt to join the counter-attack operations, an Epsilon blockade of the Panama Canal makes it impossible for them to reach the Virgin Islands. To answer the call for help, the heroes of the Allied Nations join forces together to deal with this crisis.


Allied SO Fullmetal.png

Main article: Fullmetal

While Tanya and Norio are fighting in the Amazonia, the Allies deploy another task force in Africa, in order to gather more resources for their quest. An insurgency against Yuri's Epsilon is happening in Angola, where many Oil Refineries are in the hands of PsiCorps and the Scorpion Cell.


Allied SO Gridlock.png

Main article: Gridlock

After losing his Tactical Nuke Silos in the Amazonas Rainforest, Yuri plans to create a makeshift rocket loaded with nuclear payloads, and launch it from a city in South America against the Paradox Engine. Alerted, the surviving American forces from San Juan quickly react to the threat.


Allied SO Parasomnia.png

Main article: Parasomnia
The end of the war is in sight, as the push of the reunited Allied Nations' forces through Yuri-controlled Antarctica continues. With a limited amount of units, they try their best to use their finest operatives to eliminate enemy positions threatening their quest. However, a mystery unfolds.

Low Rider

Allied Co-op01 Lowrider.png

Main article: Low Rider

Defeated at the Mexico border, the Latin Confederation is deploying their forces from the sea. They had established two forward bases in Los Angeles that must be destroyed.

Good Old Times

Allied Co-op02 Goodoldtimes.png

Main article: Good Old Times

The Confederation is producing even more white phosphorus, a substance they use to enhance their new flame weapons. The Allies must destroy the factories supplying the chemical.

Impersonal War

Allied Co-op03 Impersonalwar.png

Main article: Impersonal War

The Soviets are attacking Athens, home of veteran Nikos Stavros. He asks for deployment of a taskforce in Glifada to destroy the Soviet base in Greece and retake the city.


Allied Co-op04 Enforcers.png

Main article: Enforcers

After the American bases in Africa were struck by rebels, the Soviets poisoned the water supplies of the remaining Allied forces. With what little they have, the Americans fight back.


Allied Co-op05 Technologic.png

Main article: Technologic

The Chinese research on nuclear weapons is progressing too fast and must be delayed. If they develop their equivalent of the MIDAS bomb the Allies will have no chance of fighting back.

Attack on Buggy

Allied Co-op06 Attackonbuggy.png

Main article: Attack on Buggy

The Latin Confederation has reached Europe. They brought Bomb Buggies which can destroy vital Euro Alliance positions. They must be destroyed before they reach their targets.

Blut Royale

Allied Co-op07 Blutroyale.png

Main article: Blut Royale

The evacuation of Berlin is almost complete, however the extraction of vital data is prolonging its completion. A group of brave soldiers are staying behind to face the Soviets.

Mad Monster

Allied Co-op08 Madmonster.png

Main article: Mad Monster

As the Allies fall back to England, the Soviets plan to deploy Super Apocalypses to invade the British Isles. A covert team has been assembled to hack the AI-controlled vehicles.


Allied Co-op09 Downfall.png

Main article: Downfall

A large Soviet taskforce is on its way to support the attack on the Gladius System at the English Channel. Their advance must be stopped, else the Allies might lose the battle there.

Balance of Power

Allied Co-op10 Balanceofpower.png

Main article: Balance of Power

The Soviet forces managed to capture several of the Euro Alliance Battleships and intend to use them to defeat the Allies at the English Channel. A taskforce is sent to recapture them.

Panzer Ace

Allied Co-op11 Panzerace.png

Main article: Panzer Ace

The Soviets are assembling more Stalin's Fist Mobile War Factories around Europe, rapidly increasing their reach and production. A significant group of these must be destroyed.


Allied Co-op12 Hypothermia.png

Main article: Hypothermia
After the destruction of Yuri's Nuke Silo on Virgin Islands, a group of American survivors has decided to reveal themselves and send an S.O.S. signal. The Pacific Front sends help.