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Premier Alexander Romanov was the leader of the Soviet Union during the Third World War.


Although he looked like a charming and eloquent man of peace at first glance, Romanov is, in reality, a dictator consumed by progressing madness. His experiences during the Second Great War branded him; memories of foreign troops crossing the snowy streets, burning factories, his homeland crushed by the decadent empire of the west refuse to die and feed a relentless hate of the western Allies. As he grew up, he carefully nurtured this feeling, drawing both from communist ideals and his tsarist roots, drawing up his plan to rebuild the Soviet Union as a superpower.

He realized that the only way to actually be able to execute his plan was to become the Premier. He masked his hate well and built up a reputation as a man of peace, an advocate of an alliance with the west. His camouflage was extremely effective - he was hand-picked by Allied intelligence operations to lead the Soviet Union, keep it a declawed tiger. He quickly gained the trust and respect of Soviet citizens and acclaim from western media and politicians.

While the world praised him as a leader, Romanov began putting his plans in motion. With the aid of Yuri, his mysterious new advisor from parts unknown, he rearmed the Union with the latest in military technology and cut off the Allied intelligence network in Asia. He also made treaties with several prominent & major communist countries around the world (China and the Latin Confederation) that can be used to help strike against the Allies.[1]


  • Romanov's personality in Mental Omega is different than in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge; while in Red Alert 2 and Yuri's Revenge he was quite jovial and friendly to the player, in Mental Omega he is basically another Stalin and many people in-universe feared him.
  • Romanov is the second game character that is assassinated. The first one was President Michael Dugan, who was assassinated by Morales in the Act One Soviet mission Happy Birthday.

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