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Professor Albert Einstein was a theoretical physicist who is responsible for the invention of many of the Allies' technology, particularly chrono technology.

However, unlike in the original Red Alert 2, he is not alive in the events of Mental Omega, as his age by then would be over 100 years old, which is illogical. Therefore, he is succeeded by his protegé, Siegfried.


Prior to the events of the Third Great War, Albert Einstein traveled back in time to erase Adolf Hitler from existence, through an experimental Chronosphere. Though he successfully prevented the rise of Nazi Germany, another faction took its place, which is the Soviet Union, leading to an altered iteration of the Second Great War.

Although the Allies were victorious at the end of the Second Great War, Einstein realized that time and space were supposed to be left untouched by mere mortals, especially after being haunted by those who were killed by the very weapons he designed. Therefore, he stopped his progress on his Chronosphere, though he left some clues behind for his acquaintances to reassemble such a superweapon in dire times.


His inventions were further developed by SteinsTech, a research group, and thus were able to put such technology to military use for the sake of the free world. They proved invaluable for the Allies (especially the European Alliance) against the warmongering Soviets once more in the Third Great War, and later against the rising Epsilon Army.


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