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Pride of the Allied navy.
—Aircraft Carrier

The Aircraft Carrier is one of the two capital ships used by the Allies. It carries several Hornet UAVs to attack enemy targets from afar.

Official description

The Aircraft Carrier is one of the most powerful ships the Allies have to offer. Packing several UAVs capable of delivering their payload over huge distances with deadly accuracy, this floating airbase is capable of leveling any enemy base to the ground with ease. Just be careful, as the Carrier has a large minimum range[note 1], and thus is vulnerable to naval assault.[1]


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The pride of the Allied fleets as well as their capital ship, the Aircraft Carrier is the Allied long range siege unit. The Aircraft Carrier's main difference from most of its counterparts (as well as its main advantage) is their UAVs as their weapon. UAVs are not only capable of dealing high amount of damage, but also very accurate. They are not only useful for destroying buildings but also use for precision strikes against slower targets if the need arises. In addition, they also have no minimum range so they can even engage in close range, enabling some way of defending itself. They can also overwhelm defenses thanks to the number of UAVs it can released unlike its counterparts.

However, it shares the same weaknesses as its rivals; despite its numbers, sufficient anti-air defenses will prevent any of its UAVs from dropping its payload to its intended targets. While any lost UAVs can be replaced, their parent carrier needs a few more seconds to replace them. The UAVs aren't able to inflict as much damage compared to other siege naval units. Lastly, the Aircraft Carrier require escorts to ensure its safety, as it is also defenseless against aerial/naval anti-armor units at close range.


Act One

  • In easier difficulties, friendly Aircraft Carriers will arrive in Red Dawn Rising in the final moments of the Soviet invasion, to clear out the Soviet base.
  • The Aircraft Carrier is first encountered as enemy in Shipwrecked. All Aircraft Carriers must be destroyed to complete the mission.
  • The player receives his first Aircraft Carrier in Beautiful Mind, and gains construction access much later in Sunlight.
  • One single Aircraft Carrier is chronoshifted onto land in Road to Nowhere in an attempt to destroy Russian Topol-M platforms, while another one will be chronoshifted on Normal and Mental difficulty. The player can mind control them to use, their attack range are increased to 128 (which means they can launch global attack), but must be done manually.


  • Strong siege weapon with incredibly long attack range.
  • Quite durable.
  • Hornet UAVs are free and can be constantly replaced with new ones.
  • Very dangerous in large numbers since massed Hornets are very hard to take down.
  • Hornet UAVs can attack moving targets with better precision than other siege naval units.
  • Unlike the Dreadnought, it can use its Hornets to strike targets at close range.
  • Can self-repair.
  • Cannot attack submerged units unless they surfaced.
  • Cannot attack aircraft.
  • Anti-aircraft weapons can destroy Hornet UAVs quite easily.
  • Slow-moving.
  • Expensive ($2000).
  • Hornet UAVs take a while to return and reload after finishing its bombing run.
  • Hornet UAVs aren't able to inflict as much damage compared to other siege naval units.

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  1. Contrary to its description in the official website, the Aircraft Carrier has no minimum range.


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