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We shall have more fresh air.
—An Aeroblaze driver is going for his work

The Aeroblaze is a heavy anti-air unit used by the United States, capable of cutting down aircraft with ease by its accurate and deadly laser cannons.

Official description

Of all the anti-aircraft systems, the Aeroblaze is probably the most feared and respected among pilots of all factions. Using incredibly powerful and accurate "Quasar" laser cannons to reduce any and all aircraft to scrap metal, there is no aircraft that can out-maneuver the vehicle's weaponry once it has locked onto its target. This immense power comes at a price though, the Aeroblaze has to keep its guns trained skyward to keep the advanced tracking systems from malfunctioning, making it vulnerable to all other adversaries. If necessary, the Aeroblaze can switch into an alternate mode, which will give it a significant range boost, but decrease its weapon's firepower and reload speed.[1]


Succeeded from the predecessor of version 2.0 as the advanced anti-air unit of the United States, the weapon of Aeroblaze is the 2x anti-aircraft lasers, which is significantly more effective than conventional air defense units like the Stryker IFV. But unlike China's Sentinel, Aeroblaze is more adept at dealing with a single aircraft and inflicting more damage on each attack.

Aeroblazes are quite speedy for a tier 3 unit, which means they have the ability to catch up with faster-moving aircraft trying to escape after the attack, or to quickly destroy slower air units like the Kirov Airship before they can get to their destinations. They are also excellent units they can substitute for Patriot Missiles, as they deal far more damage per attack and can relocate immediately whenever required.

The Aeroblaze has an alternate firing mode (which can be utilized by using the deploy command on them) which decreases their damage output, but in return will grant them a massive increase in range. While the firepower penalty is significant, the additional range is often more than enough to compensate when dealing with hostile fighter aircraft such as Foxtrots and Dybbuk-Attackers as their frail nature means they will be likely shot down long before they get within engagement ranges of the Aeroblaze or any units it is protecting.

However, this also means that Aeroblaze, like other US units, is equipped with light armor while having a faster speed. When using Aeroblaze to station some areas or harass enemy air units, be sure to let some anti-armor units follow so that Aeroblaze will not be easily destroyed by the enemy.

AI behavior

The AI has the ability to create Aeroblazes in its alternate sniper mode without needing to switch modes first. However, the AI is not programmed to switch between Aeroblaze modes.

Aeroblazes controlled by the AI have the following attack patterns:

All difficulties

  • 2x guarding Patriot Missiles or Prism Towers


  • 2x following friendlies
  • 4x targeting base threats
    • 2 Aeroblazes use the alternate sniper mode


The Aeroblaze is our heavy anti-air, and can switch to a long-range "sniping mode".
—Allied intel during Operation: Red Dawn Rising

Act One

  • The Aeroblaze is introduced at the very beginning of the Third Great War in Red Dawn Rising, where two of them are given to the player to defend Washington.
  • In Golden Gate, the Aeroblazes on Alcatraz Island are one of the main targets for the forces of the Soviet General to destroy.
  • In Idle Gossip, the player, acting as Soviet General, can get Aeroblaze reinforcement after established the base (amount varies with difficulty).
  • In Death From Above, capturing the Tech Secret Lab in the main island gives the player access to Aeroblaze.

Special Ops

  • Due to the Mercury Network Uplink is not a widespread American T2 access building during Act One, Aeroblazes do not become buildable until Obstinate.


  • Very effective against aircraft.
  • Powerful lasers hit targets instantly and accurately.
  • One of the faster anti-air specialists.
  • Completely defenseless against ground attacks.
  • Cannot fire on the move.
  • Not very durable.
  • Fairly expensive Tier 3 unit ($1450).


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