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The Chitzkalla in Meltdown reuses Chitzkoi's voice set.

When selected

  • Irkalla rises.
  • Shaping the land of the dead.
  • The end of the world as they know it.
  • We listen, Proselyte.
  • Aerial Fortress, operational.
  • (calm, sinister laugh)

When moving

  • Yes, we agree.
  • Everything is under control.
  • Our thoughts exactly.
  • Of course.
  • Wherever they are.
  • We'll take them under our wings.
  • They will watch.

When attacking

  • Welcome to the underworld.
  • Commencing extermination.
  • They must be killed.
  • Yuri wills it.
  • No opposition.
  • They will learn.