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AI, or Artificial Intelligence, refers to computer-controlled players in Mental Omega. They appear in all game modes, though they can be removed entirely in multiplayer.


The AI of Mental Omega is more aggressive than the AI in the original game, as they will continuously attack with little to no break between attacks. Despite this, they are still predictable, as they usually build the same strike forces and use their support powers the same way.

Key Changes

  • The AI will send hunting forces aiming at any units and structures the player controls.
    • Any unit the player deploy may become the target from this attack, which is not the case in the original game unless it's directly in the assault forces' way.
    • This includes disguised units, which the AI will send disguise-detectors and/or use support powers against them. As a result, player-owned spies may mysteriously disappear if kept idle for too long
  • The AI will actively seek to destroy or re-capture player-captured Tech buildings, while in the original game these are ignored by AI armed forces.
  • Compared to the original game, the AI's fund bonus is substantially increased.
    • The AI receives a boost in both starting credits and in-game income. As a result it's extremely hard and impractical to cripple an AI's economy.
    • Human players can exploit this by sending infiltration units to AI-controlled Ore Refineries for an infinite supply of credits (but note that infiltrating an Ore Refinery only steals $5000 at most per infiltration unit).
  • Some units has an AI-exclusive variant in order for the AI to make better use of them. For example, the AI-variant of Speeder Trike will attempt to kite its target if possible.

Other Notable Mechanics

  • As in the original game, the AI is not affected by shroud and Allied Gap Generators, but will still use scouting support powers (except Scout Raven)
    • However this is not the case for invisible or subterranean units. The AI still requires detector units or support powers such as Sonar Pulse to target invisible units.
  • The AI cannot build a structure and a defense at the same time. In addition, the AI cannot cancel whatever they are building (unless denied by destroying its prerequisites).
  • The AI can directly build certain deployed units and support power-related structures instead of using them normally. However, this means they are limited to their own base, so these structures are not used to their full potential. Examples include the Stalin's Fist and the Spinblade.


There are three difficulties that can be chosen by the player: Easy, Medium, and Hard.

Mental AI Boost

An AI-controlled base with Mental AI Boost enabled. If one looks closely, there are 4 Centurion Siege Crawlers inside the base, which is normally impossible in normal gameplay.

If enabled in the Game Options, the AI will receive the following bonuses:

  • The AI can produce units and buildings in all of their production structures at the same time; this allows them to circumvent the build limit of heroes and epic units.
  • The AI's team delay is greatly reduced, which means they will attack constantly.
  • The AI receives more credits from all sources (miners, Oil Derricks, etc.).
  • The AI is likely to build more factories and additional Ore Refineries.
Team delay Income multiplier Cheat starting credit multiplier Extra factory amount
Easy 800 12 1200 1
Normal 300 24 2400 2
Mental 100 50 4800 3